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Police Highlight Restaurant and Bar License Violations at North End Public Safety Meeting

Boston Police District A-1 Captain Jim Hasson and Sgt. Tom Lema discussed recent police activity in the neighborhood at the monthly North End Public Safety Meeting held on February 6, 2013. Captain Hasson will soon be leaving A-1 to be replaced by Captain Kenneth Fong in mid-March. Also attending the meeting were Rich Grelich from Suffolk University, NEWNC Public Safety Committee Chair, David Marx, Patrick Lyons from State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz’s office, Lori Toscano from Councilor Sal LaMattina’s office, Nicole Leo from Mayor Marty Walsh’s office and Maria Puopolo from State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli’s office.

Police reviewed recent alcohol license and permit violations at the public safety meeting, including the following incidents:

  • On January 26, 2014, police received a late night 911 call regarding amplified music and noise from Bacco Restaurant on Parmenter Street. Police responded at 2:20 am and observed the activity. A violation was issued for serving patrons at the bar after the 1:00 licensed closing hour.
  • On January 16, 2014, a license violation was issued to the Waterfront Cafe on Commercial Street for displaying hard alcohol (100 proof Irish liquor without cordial-like flavoring) for sale out of compliance with its Malt, Wine & Cordials license.
  • A December 29, 2013 Sunday night party at Tresca Restaurant on Hanover Street resulted in noise complaints and a police response. The Mayor’s Office of Licensing and Consumer Affairs issued a violation for having DJ entertainment without a license.
  • Il Panino Restaurant on Parmenter Street was issued permit violations on December 6, 2013 for impeding a fire egress and excess patrons in segments of the establishment.
  • An incident at Artu Restaurant on Prince Street was reviewed from November 9, 2013. An assault and battery report was issued. Officers spoke with the victim, who was the manager of the establishment. The manager was assaulted while attempting to clear patrons from the bar at 2:15 am. Associated fights were also reported with the group outside the restaurant.

After an extensive discussion, Sgt. Lema suggested that alcohol license changes come before the Public Safety Committee meeting. Chinatown and the Leather District neighborhoods bring such license amendments to their respective public safety meetings. Goody Glovers (Salem & Cross Streets) has filed an application to extend its closing hour to 2:00 am.

Loud party calls were reviewed over the past 30 days by Rich Grelich of Suffolk University. Of the total 12 loud party calls, only one was identified as serious (37 Sheafe Street on the 2nd Floor) where police had to break up a party. Suffolk’s Grelich rides with a Boston Police private detail car on Friday and Saturday nights while school is in session. Residents can call 617-549-7503 or email to reach the Suffolk 24-hour Loud Party hotline.

The number of reported Part 1 crime incidents (listed below) during January 2014 was relatively low, which Captain Hasson partially attributed to the cold weather. A listed sexual assault was referred as being between “known parties” similar to a domestic incident. An aggravated assault occurred near the area of Causeway and N. Washington Streets where a North End teen pointed a black gun (later identified as a toy gun) at another North Ender saying “freeze.” The victim reported the incident and police followed up at the address.

A break-in was reported at 51 Snow Hill Street where a 25 year old resident left an internal door open believing the outside door was locked. When he returned home later in the day, an Apple laptop and display was found missing. Police advise residents to lock both inner and outer doors.

The well-publicized car chase through the North End was further discussed at the meeting. According to Captain Hasson, the 52 year old suspect is well-known to Boston Police detectives.

There were 3 arrests made in the North End during the past month including:

  • Female heroin addict from South Boston, identified and arrested on Commercial Street.
  • At 339 Hanover St., officers pulled over a Randolf man who resisted and made a big scene.
  • The aforementioned sexual assault between known parties resulted in an arrest.

Police reviewed the string of convenience store robberies in late December and said, “the young man responsible is getting treatment but will still have to answer to the courts.” In answer to a question about the November robbery of dresses stolen from a North End retail store, police said they are reviewing area video but have nothing to report at the moment.

The following sheet of North End Crime Statistics was handed out at the meeting.

The next North End Public Safety meeting is scheduled for March 6, 2014, 7:00 pm at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. Public Safety Committee meetings are open to the public. View all community meetings on the Events Calendar.

5 Replies to “Police Highlight Restaurant and Bar License Violations at North End Public Safety Meeting

  1. After our Safety Meeting on Thursday night, which I thought was extremely interesting, I thought
    we were on the road to progress regarding noise & screaming and yelling and disturbing
    neighbor’s sleep, but once again all of the above took place until 4 a.m. Sunday morning, and
    what I would like to know is where were the Police when all this was going on?

  2. In response to North End Resident’s question re: police, this excerpt is taken from the above article. ‘Suffolk’s Grelich rides with a Boston Police private detail car on Friday and Saturday nights while school is in session.’

  3. Marcy, I am fully aware of this, but according to a Hanover St. Resident, the noise went on until
    4 A.M. Sunday morning. I don’t live on Hanover St. or the surrounding area, thank God, but I
    have an excellent source who has been disturbed by noise every Fri. & Sat. Night and right now she
    can’t afford to live anywhere else, but realizes she has to get out of the Hanover St. & surrounding
    area. Hopefully Marcy, we will have a video of Hanover St. & surrounding areas showing
    everyone in the No. End exactly what is taking place.

  4. Speaking of video… far I have captured the following: a driver knocking over a huge planter and driving away, a guy drunkenly kicking trash barrels and cones, a woman defecating on the curb, a guy urinating on the curb and a lady letting her car roll into my building. And those are just the ones that I captured when I thought to review the shenanigans of the night before on Sat and Sun mornings. This is not on Hanover St, but almost as central at Salem and Parmenter. If all this is going on two of our main drags, I bet that far worse takes place in the side streets and alleys.

  5. MARK B, PLEASE keep those videos coming. There are people in this neighborhood that are
    in denial, and unless their lives are effected directly, they just don’t care about the endless

    noise, screaming & yelling. I feel bad for those people who have to work on the weekends and
    their sleep is completely destroyed and others in the neighborhood make very light of this.
    There is absolutely no reason why we all can’t live in peace, but these disrespectful, drunken
    people leaving our neighborhood establishments don’t care. .There is always a solution to
    a problem, but enforcement has to be there to put these people in their place. The police have
    recommended details for these establishments, I haven’t seen anyone jump on this idea yet.

    We the residents, need our police on patrol, the establishments need Police and Dogs for
    what they are dealing with on weekend nights. These neighborhood establishments are
    making a killing on weekend nights, therefore money is not an issue when you are pulling in
    $20,000 – $50,000 on a weekend night. All the money is made in B O O Z E and everyone
    knows it, that is why they keep on pushing for more Liquor Licenses.

    You are right about alleys & side streets, but what amazes me the most is how( the Main St. in
    the No. End)Hanover St. is completely out of control and everything is so openly done in public
    without any remorse.

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