The Olympics in Sochi took away the Bruins for a few weeks, see what impact that had on local restaurants, bars, and hotels. The news this week really showcased the amount of great restaurants in the North End, with new openings from Ward 8, to the old local favorites like Galleria Umberto’s.  Prezza, Carmelina’s, and Ernesto’s also were featured in the news this week. Paul Revere is still making history hundreds of years after his death, this time through a teapot that he made was just discovered in a collection of artifacts given to the Newport Historical Society. And, the weekly roundup wouldn’t be complete without an incident report of an abandoned snowblower found on Battery Street!

Business as usual at Galleria Umberto's. Photo/Art by Michael Piazza
Business as usual at Galleria Umberto’s. Photo/Art by Michael Piazza

Galleria Umberto | Local Flavor

Galleria Umberto’s has been a North End favorite since Umberto Deuterio opened his shop in 1974. Open just Monday through Saturday for the lunch rush, the line is usually out the door and the staff never stops hustling behind the counter. Whether its the great food or the cheap prices, or see what Yankee Magazine says keeps the crowds flooding this Hanover Street pizza shop.

Ernesto’s brings enormous pizza slices to Assembly Row

Somerville’s dining-and-retail complex, Assembly Row, may be the home for another location of the North End’s Ernesto’s Pizza. Located on Salem Street, Ernesto’s is known for their “slices” of pizza that boast a quarter the size of a pizza. See more at

Local Businesses took a big hit with the Bruins on hold for the Olympics. By Jean Merlain, Globe Correspondent
Local Businesses took a big hit with the Bruins on hold for the Olympics. By Jean Merlain, The Boston Globe

How North End businesses coped with Winter Olympics, lack of Bruins games

With the olympics wrapping up in Sochi, business owners in the TD Garden area are eager for the Bruins to return home. Whether it be a Bruins or a Celtics game, the bars and restaurants get packed with fans before, during, and after the games. Restaurants and bars weren’t the only ones feeling the loss, hotels lost quite a business as well. has more on the local economic impact.

A Newly Recognized Example of Paul Revere’s Silver Work

Paul Revere has historical roots all over the North End, but his work as a silversmith from the 1760’s was recently discovered in a large collection of artifacts. Don’t miss the story of how this teapot made by Paul Revere made its way into the hands of the Newport Historical Society. Read the story at Boston 1775.

Photo courtesy of the Universal Hub
Photo from Citizens Connect

Citizen complaint of the day: Drunken snowblower joyriding in the North End

See this photo of an abandoned snowblower just sitting on Battery Street. The snowblower does not belong to building management. A concerned citizen sent the photo in to Citizens Connect. Hear how the snowblower proved to be a good source of entertainment for intoxicated people at 2am. Read more at Universal Hub.

Pink, husky, juicy pork chops big enough for two

Since opening in 2000, the North End’s Prezza has been serving up some of the biggest pork chops the city has to offer. At about 20 ounces for $28 dollars, see why one of these breaded pork chops served with vinegar peppers, potatoes, and roasted red onions may be enough for two.  Read more at The Boston Globe.

Ward 8 has been a huge hit with their unique atmosphere and menu, read more at The Boston Globe
Ward 8 has been a huge hit with their unique atmosphere and menu, read more at The Boston Globe

Ward 8 offers warm comfort on the North End edge

First time restaurant owner Nick Frattaroli is no stranger to the business, growing up with a family that has ties to several North End restaurants. The difference? Ward 8 is not your typical Frattaroli family restaurant, rather than serving Italian food, Ward 8 offers unique dishes and a plethora of craft beers and unique cocktails. Read more at The Boston Globe.

Phantom Gourmet: Carmelina’s In Boston’s North End

Located on Hanover Street, this North End restaurant boasts an inviting atmosphere with an open kitchen, allowing for the smells and sounds of the kitchen flooding the guests and dining area. Phantom Gourmet gives you an appetizer of what it feels like to get the dining experience at Carmelina’s. Check out the video at, CBS Boston.

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  1. My favorite No. End Restaurants each have there on specialties.
    LIMONCELLO’S has the Best Meat Balls & Raviolis, Great Stuffed Pepper & Artichoke
    MAMA MARIA’S The Best Osso Bucco, Scallops & Spaghetti Squash with Sauce
    MASSIMINO’S The Best Drink in the No. End
    PREZZA Great Appetizers & good drinks
    TARANTA The Best Pork Chop in the City of Boston, not just the North End

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