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Madonna del Soccorso Women’s Society Presents Donation for Sacred Heart Church

Presenting Father Antonio with the donation from the Madonna del Soccorso Women’s Society (Photo: Molinari Brothers)

As our last official act of charity, the Madonna Del Soccorso Women’s Society is pleased to donate our remaining assets of $585.48 to Father Antonio Nardoianni, Pastor of Sacred Heart and Saint Leonard’s Church, towards the urgent repairs to be done to the roof of Sacred Heart Church. I was informed that the repairs to Sacred Heart Church’s roof have been completed, but not paid.

I was honored to present this check to Father Antonio, on February 14, 2014. Happy Saint Valentine’s Day! The Pastor was thrilled to receive the donation. He thanked us, and promised to pray for all the members of the Women’s Society and their families.

In the years that the MDSWS was in existence, we have helped many in our own neighborhood and we always felt that when funds were available we should first look around us and help those close-by deserving charities. We have helped Saint John’s School, Sacred Heart Church, the North End Nursing Home and North End Against Drugs. We know that they all appreciated our financial assistance!

At the present time, some parishioners have come forward to help financially for repairs and renovations at the churches. So much more needs to be done. Our Society found it in our hearts to help our beloved Catholic House of Worship. I can delight in the concept that maybe you too will express your loyalties and help our Parish!

Usually when things go wrong in our lives, where do we run? To Prayer and Our Lord. Now that structural problems with the properties have come about, we have to pitch-in and help them get resolved.

One Reply to “Madonna del Soccorso Women’s Society Presents Donation for Sacred Heart Church

  1. Thank You Matt, I hope this post will open some hearts and pockets in order to also help our Churches. Years back,
    we were so grateful to the Molanari Brothers (Richard and Benny) for working so hard to keep our Sacred Heart Church open, when the Archdiocese wanted it closed, so now it’s time for us to Keep it Open.
    We have to get away from the nonspiritual memories that we knew existed in the Churches~~~we have to have an up-dated view of the Church today ! With His Holiness Pope Francis, I think we can come to this awakening !!
    Thank You all for listening.

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