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The Community Forum is Back!

It’s back! After a long hiatus, we are re-introducing the Community Forum on by popular demand. See the permanent “Forum” link in the top menu of all website pages as well as the button in the right sidebar.  For those that like to type in URLs, the forum can also be reached at

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The Forum is the place where you can post your neighborhood announcements, news, events, activities, opinions and requests. The forum allows you to post on the website without having to go through an editor. The “Comments” section will continue to be appear with each article, but the Forum can be about anything you want. This is a way to give you, the readers, the opportunity to directly share your neighborhood information.

We hope that the Forum will help also fill the gap for events and activities that we miss or are time-sensitive. Our inbox gets flooded with requests for postings and sometimes we have trouble keeping up with all the terrific activities going on in the neighborhood.

Forum posts can be simple text announcements and they will appear immediately on the website. Longer articles can be sent via email to

The Forum is also a great place for Classifieds, Help Wanted, For Sale, Lost and Found, etc.  Also, feel free to use the Forum to start a discussion about a neighborhood topic of interest.

Thanks for checking out the Forum!

We are always interested in your feedback through the Contact form or at

Matt Conti, Editor