Petruccelli Strongly Opposes Revere-Only Casino Plan; Commission Meets This Week

Image of Revere only Suffolk Downs Casino with Mohegan Sun partner (Suffolk Downs)
State Senator Anthony Petruccelli at his State House office. (NEWF photo)

State Senator Anthony Petruccelli is opposing a Revere-only casino plan by Suffolk Downs following the negative East Boston vote (56% oppose, 44% support) on the issue last month. In late November, Petruccelli wrote a strongly worded letter on the issue (shown below). City Councilor Sal LaMattina (North End, Charlestown and East Boston) and Rep. Carlo Basile (East Boston) have also opposed the Revere-only proposal, however, Petruccelli’s opposition is more significant because he represents part of Revere where citizens voted in favor of the casino plan. His letter states:

Because one host community (East Boston) voted in the negative, the Project proposed for Suffolk Downs is dead. … I understand why Sterling Suffolk wishes to pursue an alternative development plan on the Revere parcel. … I, too, was disappointed that the Project failed to receive the two affirmative referendum results needed to proceed to Phase 2. I believed, and still believe, that a casino has great potential to rejuvenate communities within my District. Nevertheless, the Commission cannot allow a gaming applicant to circumvent the process required by the Gaming Act merely because the results were disappointing.

Sen. Petruccelli is an East Boston resident and represents the First Suffolk and Middlesex district including the North End / Waterfront and other parts of Boston in addition to East Boston, parts of Revere, Winthrop and Cambridge. He, along with LaMattina and Basile, previously supported Suffolk Downs when its proposal included East Boston and before Eastie voters came out against the casino on election day. The Revere City Council and Mayor Dan Rizzo are in strong support for the new Suffolk Downs plan that now includes Mohegan Sun as a partner.

The State gaming commission is set to decide this week whether the plan can move forward. The panel will also consider Steve Wynn’s deal to buy land in Everett for his plan there.  (See related Globe article)

3 Replies to “Petruccelli Strongly Opposes Revere-Only Casino Plan; Commission Meets This Week

  1. That’s sound’s good to me now Everette has a better short and for myself a better short for one of those job’s thank you Senator

  2. A casino proposal in a residential neighborhood is a huge mistake which will result in more traffic & crime & the social ills of casino gambling will far outweigh the pie in the sky promises made by the casino owners. A visit to a casino should be a day trip not a short walk or a few stops on the T.If this plan is approved {in time] the residents of Revere will learn the hard lessons of Atlantic City & Conn.

  3. I always believed that Suffolk would be the choice, one way or another, but I am beginning to believe what many of the opponents are saying. Unlike Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun which are in a rural location, Suffolk Downs will be totally accessible for many of those from surrounding towns by bus, train and even walking. I truly believe that increased traffic, crime & even a bit of chaos will be the result, I also believe that many of the jobs will go to those who……..let me see………..know somebody on high. One just need look around and see who gets most of the city & state jobs and it’s
    quite apparent that politics rules in this state. At least in Ct., you feel safe and secure.

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