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North End Eatery Collage Gifted to Historical Society

Restaurant Collage by Ed Sokoloff (Photo image with plastic covering)

The North End Historical Society received a unique gift in the form of a neighborhood restaurant collage by Ed Sokoloff. The contemporary artist has been photographing eateries of all types in Massachusetts for over 10 years. The North End montage was one of five initial creations by Sokoloff, intended to preserve the storefront signs and logo images. His other pieces include Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Greater Boston and one of ice cream shops.

Photographer and artist Ed Sokoloff displays his fun collage of ice cream / yogurt shops in Massachusetts containing over 600 places. (Photo courtesy of Ed Sokoloff)

“The North End collage shows in one visual display what amounts to a lifetime of local good food, good wine (and other alcoholic beverages), and most of all, good times and remembrances,” said Sokoloff. “Everybody can have fun picking out the places that they know. The collages extend art to instant participant enjoyment.”

The North End panel measures 30″x45″ with over 170 places, including about 25 that have closed. The collage is set on canvas and signed by the artist.

Some of the more famous closed restaurants on the North End include Boschetto’s Bakery, Dom’s, European, Ida’s, Jasper’s, Joe Tecce’s, Marcuccio’s, Martignetti and the original Polcari’s.

Sokoloff was recently featured in Boston Magazine regarding the collage series where he describes how the concept evolved. In describing his work on the North End piece he mentions a sticking point regarding the search for “Stella’s,” never found because it never existed!

The North End Historical Society is looking for a place to display the North End panel in the near future. Other copies are expected to be printed to benefit North End non-profit and charity groups.

Partial close-up sections are shown below from the North End and Ice Cream Shop Collages.

North End Restaurant Collage (Partial Close-up) by Ed Sokoloff
Ice Cream and Yogurt Shop Collage (Partial Close-up) by Ed Sokoloff

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