Winter Weather Advisory: 3 to 6 Inches Snow Saturday Into Sunday

**Winter Weather Advisory**

Mayor Menino Reminds Residents to be Mindful This Weekend, With Snow in the Forecast

Mayor Menino is urging residents to be aware this weekend as the first potentially significant snow event of the season is on the horizon.

“The City of Boston is preparing for winter weather, and we’re asking residents to do the same,” Mayor Menino said. “We are actively monitoring the forecasts, and our Snow Team is prepared to respond and get our roads clear. As Bostonians continue to shop and prepare for Christmas, we will also focus on helping keep sidewalks and pedestrian walkways clear, so that the snow doesn’t hurt local businesses.”

Three-to-six inches of snow may fall in the eastern portion of Boston and up to 8 inches may fall in the western portions of the city. The heaviest snow is expected to fall late Saturday into Sunday morning.

This afternoon, members of the Mayor’s Snow Team met to discuss the latest snow-related information and response plans for the weekend.

The Department of Public Works will have 300 pieces of equipment available by 5 p.m. Saturday. City Public Safety agencies and the Mayor’s 24-Hour Hotline are staffing additional units for the overnight hours.

The Department of Neighborhood Development is coordinating with local business districts to call-in any problem areas that could affect shoppers.

Mayor Menino reminds residents of the following:

· Use public transportation when possible and avoid driving vehicles on slippery roads to keep roadways clear for plowing equipment and emergency vehicles.
· Property owners are reminded to salt and sand sidewalks, stairs and pedestrian ramps to prevent slippery surfaces.
· Residents are encouraged to shovel out hydrants and catch basins near or abutting their property to assist our public safety agencies and protect against flooding.
· Please check on elderly or vulnerable neighbors who may need help.
· Use caution when walking near buildings that may have falling snow or ice
· Parking rules are strictly enforced during snow storms. Do not block driveways, crosswalks or ramps, and do not park within 20 feet of an intersection
· Boston Public Works crews are prepared for the snow event, and will be pre-treating roads and readying snow removal equipment across the city’s district yards.
· Make sure tailpipes and house vents are clear of snow to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Residents with weather-related questions or concerns should call the Mayor’s 24-Hour Hotline at 617-635-4500.

Residents are also encouraged to use the City’s “Know Snow” program for access to other important storm-related information. To receive notifications, register for the city’s Alert Boston network at If you would like to receive updates on the storm on Twitter you can follow us: @NotifyBoston.