The Latest & Greatest: Celebrating the Red Sox, Trash Petition, Halloween Fun and Bridge Lightings

So much has happened over the last week here in Boston it was hard to keep up with some of the things going around in the neighborhood. Whether you were busy watching the Red Sox take home the World Series or out Trick-or-Treating for Halloween, we have you covered with the Most Popular Posts This Week!


Celebrating the Red Sox World Series Win in the North End
Check out how North End residents celebrating the Red Sox winning the 2013 World Series, a great collaboration of photos, posts, and tweets from all over the neighborhood.  View Post

Neighborhood Photo: North End Group Scare on Halloween Weekend
This North End crew was seen near the Gassy on Prince Street at the 4th Annual “I Scare” Halloween Party hosted by Jason and “Toots.” Read More

Old Northern Avenue Bridge Illuminated With LED Lights [Photo Gallery]
A new lighting scheme was unveiled on Tuesday evening on the Old Northern Avenue Bridge where LED lights have been installed to adorn the historic structure. View Post
2013-10 | Old Northern Avenue Bridge Illumination-101

Petition Circulating For 6am-9am Trash Drop
Local North End residents are banding together with an online petition to support a proposal for a 6am-9am Trash Drop. With the city set to implement a new five year trash contract, residents are expressing their concern for public health with garbage being out on the sidewalks overnight. Read More

Stop Work Order Issued at Hanover Street 7-Eleven Under Construction
Fire alarm violations and late night work complaints have lead to a Stop Work order from the City for “exceeding the terms” of its building permit. The controversial 7-eleven is moving into the old White Hen Pantry on Hanover Street. Read More

Halloween Parade 2013-5280Editor’s Picks:

2013 North End Halloween Parade Brings Out Families
North End families came out for the annual Halloween Parade, sponsored by the Madonna Della Cava Society and City of Boston Special Events. Leading the parade were members from the Saint Alfio’s and NorthEast Italian Bands with music selections ranging from Mickey Mouse, When Saints Come Marching In and, of course, the Italian feast procession favorites.  View Post