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Notable News Found Elsewhere: Garden Tax Breaks, New Flood Maps and Panera at Purple Shamrock

Here are some interesting news stories around the neighborhood that we found recently on other sites. In case you haven’t heard – the Boston Red Sox won the 2013 World Series. For anything you may have missed around the news world – be sure to catch all the action right here! Developers want tax breaks at the “blighted” Boston Garden site, new flood zone maps coming, a new Panera might be moving in the old Purple Shamrock, and some Crazy Mothers won the SMILE Mass Amazing Race!

Courtesy of Boston Redevelopment Authority.
Boston Garden Project Rendering (BRA Filing)

Boston Properties seeks millions in tax relief for ‘blighted’ TD Garden site
The Boston Redevelopment Authority is considering millions in tax concessions for the developers of the $1 billion mixed-use project slated to be built on a parking lot in front of the TD Garden. Read More at Boston Business Journal 

Hub FEMA maps may unleash flood of anger
Property owners in Suffolk County, including Boston’s booming Seaport District, are bracing for the release of FEMA’s new flood zone maps, which could force hundreds of owners to get costly insurance for the first time and jack up rates for those who already have it. Next month, the federal agency is expected to begin reviewing and approving Suffolk County’s maps, which include Boston, Revere, Chelsea and Winthrop. Suffolk is the last of the Bay State’s coastal counties not remapped. Read More at The Boston Herald

What does Boston know about St. Louis? Not much
The bartender at Regina Pizzeria, an institution in this city’s Italian North End, knows that the St. Louis Rams talked to retired quarterback Brett Favre this week. And she’s heard of the Gateway Arch. But that’s about where her St. Louis impressions end. “I’ve never been there,” said Kelly Gorman, 28. As the Cardinals prepare to return to Busch Stadium, and pundits continue to compare the cities’ ballplayers, food, and fans, the Post-Dispatch took a walk through historic Boston. Just what do Bostonians think, not about their series rivals, but about the city that the Cardinals call home? Read More at St. Louis Today
VIDEO HERE: What does Boston know about St. Louis?

Panera May Be Going into the Old Purple Shamrock Space in Boston
A chain of bakery-cafes may be opening a new shop in downtown Boston, and its location would be one that is familiar to more than a few folks. The Boston Hospitality and Tourism Industry Blog mentions that an “alteration permit” is in the windows of the space where The Purple Shamrock used to be, with a picture of the permit indicating that a “proposed Panera Bread Cafe” is in the works at the site. There were rumors about a Panera possibly coming to the Purple Shamrock space shortly after it closed in September of 2012, but nothing was confirmed until now. Read More at Boston Restaurant Talk 

Photo Courtesy of wickedlocal.com
Photo Courtesy of wickedlocal.com

Crazy Mothers win SMILE Mass Amazing Race
On the sunny, crisp Saturday afternoon about 50 sneaker-wearing adults gathered at the Coast Guard All Hands Club in Boston, the starting point of the fourth annual Amazing Race organized by SMILE Mass. At the signal, they tore open the envelopes that contained the list of challenges awaiting their teams. The tasks called for both mental and physical skills: answering trivia questions, decorating and delivering cupcakes to North End residents, assembling and racing in beach wheelchairs, riding a carousel, and playing Pictionary on the Boston Common, and other specially created assignments to be completed in turn. Read More at Wickedlocal.com

Red tape stifles neighborhood revitalization
OPINION: I USED to live on a block in Washington, D.C., known for crack heads and drug dealers. The soil of my garden was seeded with hypodermic needles. But in just a few years, it turned into one of trendiest spots in the city. Part of the change was due to a new subway station and a big box store. But much of it can be attributed to something else: really awesome food. So many cool, little restaurants opened that you could eat antipasti for breakfast; squash blossom tacos for lunch; and chicken and waffles at 3:00 a.m., all within three blocks.  Read More at The Boston Globe

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