North End / Waterfront Crowd Gathers at Battery Wharf for “Monday With Marty” [Video]

“Mondays with Marty” came to the North End / Waterfront this week as part of Mayoral Candidate Martin Walsh’s neighborhood outreach program. The town hall style meeting attracted dozens of neighborhood residents and business owners to the Fairmont Battery Wharf Hotel on Monday, October 7, 2013.

Video Timeline Highlighting Selected Topics

00:00 Introduction by Erin O’Brien, UMass Boston Political Science Professor

03:50 Overview by Marty Walsh

06:50 Education and Boston Public Schools

09:10 Comments on Latest Poll

15:40 Crime and Neighborhood Policing

17:30 Development in Boston and plan regarding Boston Redevelopment Authority

23:30 Clean Streets and powerwashing Hanover Street

Public Questions and Comments

  • 24:00 Recent crime incidents and housing issues
  • 28:45 Height of proposed developments, BRA approvals before year-end
  • 31:30 Long Wharf Park vs. Restaurant
  • 32:30 North End Public Safety and Quality of Life Issues (Loud Parties, Party Line)
  • 35:30 Moving City Hall to benefit early childhood education and parks
  • 40:30 New development impacts on traffic, inadequate public transportation, lack of open space
  • 45:30 Traffic alternatives (camera battery changeout cut about 20 seconds here, sorry!)
  • 48:40 Making Hanover Street pedestrian only
  • 50:20 Parks Funding and Friends groups
  • 55:50 Zoning of commercial versus residential
  • 59:50 Technology in city services

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