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North End Freedom Trail Sites Remain Open Despite Government Shutdown

Old North Church on Salem Street remains open, as do most Freedom Trail sites, despite the government shutdown. (NEWF photo)

As the Fall leaf-peeking tourist season peaks in New England, there has been some confusion regarding which of Boston’s historic sites are impacted by the government shutdown.

Historic North End sites such as the Old North Church, Paul Revere House and Copp’s Hill Burying Ground remain open.

National Park Service and US Navy sites are closed including the USS Constitution in Charlestown Navy Yard, Bunker Hill Monument and National Park Visitor Centers (including the one at Faneuil Hall). NPS tours are also canceled although most other private company tours continue on schedule.

According to the Freedom Trail Foundation, most of the other trail historic sites in Boston are also open, including Boston Common, MA State House, Park Street Church, Granary Burying Ground, King’s Chapel and King’s Chapel Burying Ground, Benjamin Franklin statue/site of the First Public School, Old South Meeting House, Old Corner Bookstore, Old State House, Boston Massacre site and Faneuil Hall.


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