Sal LaMattina Standout on Cross Street [Photos]

Supporters of Sal LaMattina gathered Thursday evening on Cross Street to show support for the City Councilor. With the primary election this coming Tuesday, September 24th, supporters stressed the importance of visibility. “This is a great spot to stand because it has visibility and it reaches a ton of neighborhood people,” said John Romano, a long time friend of LaMattina. “I have been friends with Sal for twenty years, he’s a good man doing a great job for our neighborhoods.”

Matt Bamonte and John Romano
Mike Magner, Maria Puopolo, Matt Bamonte & Blake Webber
Mike Magner, Maria Puopolo, Matt Bamonte & Blake Webber

Learn more about Sal LaMattina at his website.

3 Replies to “Sal LaMattina Standout on Cross Street [Photos]

  1. Can someone please tell us why we should re-elect Sal? What is he doing to make our neighborhood cleaner? safer? I am not asking these questions rhetorically – I would like to be an informed voter.

    1. I am supporting Sal because he is attentive, considerate and cares about this city and the neighborhoods he represents. Since Sal was an employee of the Boston Transportation Department he has been available to hear resident concerns and has tried to fix them and he has continued to be just as attentive during his tenure as Councilor.

      Sal has come before each neighborhood group to discuss his ideas about addressing our trash, noise, traffic and public safety concerns.

      He was one of the first to propose traffic recommendations for Hanover Street, while not many people agreed with him, he made the first step in starting the discussion.

      Sal investigated different changes for residential trash pick up, including changing the hours when you put your trash out, alternate days of pick up and he even visited surrounding cities to see different processes and reported to NEWRA about an idea for a pilot program of color coded bags to be used by residents as they do in Chelsea. He also regularly invites the DPW and Parks Commissioners to walk the neighborhood with him to spot trouble areas on our streets and parks.

      Sal with other pols and community folks advocated and worked with local universities to make sure that they addressed the party and noise issues caused by their students. While it is an ongoing battle, I know he has personally intervened when I called him about a prolonged problem I had with residents (not college kids) in a neighboring building.

      Sal is currently proposing that the North End and Charlestown be rezoned to become an new police district with dedicated police personnel. While this idea depends on funding and support from the Mayor and the BPD, it is a step in the right direction and a idea worthy of our consideration. He has also helped organized and plan public safety classes in response to assaults of female residents.

      These are a few of the reasons that I am voting for Sal. I also think Sal is genuinely a good person who is in politics for the right reasons. I appreciate him thinking of ways to address our concerns and issues that are out of the box or may not be popular to discuss. They may not always succeed and a few times I didn’t agree with him, but I can say I always appreciated him trying.


      1. Ok, but what has been done about trash pickup? Nothing. What has been done about Hanover st. traffic? Nada. There’s zero chance the BPD rezones charlestown/north end, so there’s another goose egg. I don’t doubt that he’s a good person, but I’d like to know what he’s actually accomplished, rather than what he’s tried to accomplish. For an $80k a year salary, I’d hope there would be actual success stories.

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