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Painting Saint Anthony of Padua – By Michael Dean

Three Saints at St. Anthony’s Club – Paintings by Michael Dean

The statues inside the Saint Anthony of Padua club on Endicott street were recently painted by North End artist, Michael Dean. These mini-paintings include San Antonio Di Padova Da Montefalcione, Santa Lucia, Santa Maria and even a painting of the old, unused San Antonio statue they have in the upstairs store room, among the San Pellegrino cases (a favorite!). The mini-paintings are 4″ x 4″, showing one Saint, except for one “big” painting showing three saints all at once in a row, and it’s all of 5″X7″! One of the Saints (the short doll-like one, next to the American flag) is not labeled. Let us know in the comments if you know the name of that Saint.

“Nothing says “North End” like the Saints!” says Michael who can be reached at See more of his paintings on Flickr and his Etsy shop.

Paintings and images by Michael Dean. Click any image to enlarge.

6 Replies to “Painting Saint Anthony of Padua – By Michael Dean

    1. Thanks for the information! Do you also know what the Infant of Prague did to become a Saint?
      Any extra information would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks again – Michael Dean

      1. Hi Michael – The Infant of Prague is the child Jesus. Origins of the statue date back to the 1300’s and it is said that the statue once belonged to or had a connection to Saint Teresa of Avilla.

        Catholic churches all have the statue and many Catholic homes have one as well. My grandmother had one on her nightstand that had to be facing the door at all times.

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