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  1. Is this a trick question? Perhaps at 4 PM when it morphs into a valet parking zone? Even if he does get a ticket he should just bring this picture to traffic ticket court and see if the judge can figure ot out.

  2. Lets first answer the question NO TICKET

    Next there are two signs on same pole that are wrong that need to be fixed

    Was the parking people and people that made that sign sleeping or just Boston city workers not really caring about there job its a shame

  3. Should have not got a ticket, but consider yourself lucky, I parked one morning at 8:05 a.m. and got towed.

  4. There are far too many cars for the small neighborhood and my feeling is NO visitor parking, the
    residents are more important and let those that want to come to the No. End pay to park or take
    the train. The area is less than a 1/2 sq. mile radius. We need all the spaces we can get and let
    all the visitors pay, we are already being inconvenienced by all the other problems that plague the
    No. End, we don’t need this too.

  5. If he parks to the right of the sign (the sign in front of the car), he has to move the car by 4pm for the valet.
    If he parks to the left (with the sign in back of the car) he’s ok.

  6. For the past 2 Sundays now I have come up on an out of state car parking in a resident spot. Both times they said “It’s Sunday! You can park anywhere!” And the most recent one said that the maids don’t work on Sundays, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a resident spot or not. Through some ‘dialogue’, both felt it was better to move, but the point is clear: people have no problem disobeying simple parking signs in our neighborhood because the signs aren’t enforced.

    1. The only way to get these people a ticket is to call 911. People know the meter maids do not work after 8 PM or on the weekend so they take a chance especially on the side streets. Sadly this has been going on for at least the 20+ yrs I have lived here and the city does not seem to be all that interested in doing anything to solve the problem.

  7. And what would 911 do? Its not really an emergency… do they actually send someone out to ticket? That seems a little drastic. I do agree there does need to be better policing of this (I had to pay $30 to park last night ugg) just not convinced 911 will actually do any good

    1. The police will respond (sometimes) and give out tickets and even have people towed (though that is unusual). It might be drastic BUT it is the only way to get anyone a ticket when the parking enforcement officers are off. Roy the BPD officer on Hanover St gives out parking tickets there. He should be able to walk or ride his motorcycle to another St and give out a ticket.

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