How the North End Voted in the Boston Mayoral and City Council Preliminary Election

The votes are in for the preliminary election for Boston Mayor and City Council. The City of Boston website has the overall totals but here are some neighborhood results.

Sal LaMattina Tops Preliminary Election for District 1 City Councilor (Photo by J. McGivern)

District 1 City Council (North End, Charlestown and East Boston)

For District 1 City Councilor, incumbent Sal LaMattina easily topped the ticket with 7,066 votes, 73% of the total. Facing him in the November 5th election will be Brian Gannon who garnered 1,525 votes or 16% in the preliminary election. Not making the final was John Ribeiro, Jr. who placed third with 996 votes or 10% of the total. In the North End, LaMattina counted 1486 votes (83%) as compared to 192 for Gannon and 108 for Ribeiro, Jr.

City Council At-Large

The top eight City Councilor At-Large vote getters to face off for the four open seats in November are: Ayanna Pressley (17% of the vote), Michael Flaherty (15%), Stephen Murphy (12%), Michelle Wu (11%), Martin Keogh (6%), Jeffrey Michael Ross (5%), A. Essaibi George (5%) and Jack Kelly (5%).

The North End’s Philip Frattaroli, a first time candidate, placed twelfth overall in the field of nineteen candidates. However, looking at just the North End (Ward 3, Precincts 1-4), hometown support went to Frattaroli with 959 votes, followed by Michael Flaherty (653 votes), Stephen Murphy (558), Ayanna Pressley (536), Michelle Wu (479) and Jack Kelly (252).

Boston Mayor

In the North End (Ward 3, Precincts 1 through 4), John Connolly narrowly took the top spot in the Mayoral campaign against Marty Walsh who led the citywide vote. Walsh and Connollly will face off on November 5th to follow Tom Menino as Boston’s next mayor. Not making the mayoral final, in order of their North End vote total, include Dan Conley (#3), Charlotte Golar Richie (#4), Mike Ross (#5)  and Rob Consalvo (#6).

Downtown (Ward 3, Precinct 6) also supported John Connolly as the top vote getter followed by Mike Ross (#2), Dan Conley (#3), Charlotte Golar Richie (#4) and Marty Walsh (#5).

West End (Ward 3, Precinct 5) voters put Mike Ross on top of the ticket. Ross was their local District councilor before running for Mayor and was followed in the preliminary precinct vote by John Connolly, Felix Arroyo, Dan Conley, Charlotte Golar Richie and Marty Walsh.

Boston Mayoral Vote Totals with Ward 3, Precinct 1-6 Breakouts

Results are unofficial until verified by City of Boston. Thanks to Conor Finley for his help in tabulating these results.

North End and Downtown Boston Ward Precinct Map

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  1. Congrats to Sal who really takes the time to listen. And always good to have north enders running for things like Phil.

    Marty did pretty well in the north end but has some work to do elsewhere in downtown. It will be interesting to see who Ross and Richie endorse.

  2. Sorry to hear that Philly Frats didn’t make it — he had my vote — and I hope he runs again!!!

  3. Congrats sal, we at the Ausonia Senior Bldg . are alway with you, and your always there when needed.
    Bobby Church

  4. Congratulations Sal and I agree with Bobby Church you are not only there for the Ausonia Senior Bldg. you are also there for the North End when you are needed. Keep up the good work.

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