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Heartless! Interactive Art Exhibit Stolen One Day After Debut

Empty stand on corner of Atlantic Avenue where Heart exhibit was stolen – Photo by Bruce McCue

Less than 24 hours after it was installed at Christopher Columbus Park, the “Pulse of the City” interactive art exhibit was stolen. Bruce McCue shares the news and photo exclaiming, “Heartless!”

The City and lead artist said they will to replace the $5,000 heart that creates music based on the pulse of the people who touch it.

Shedding a tear is Meredith Piscatelli, shown to the left, after someone stole her heart!

See the heart before it was stolen.

7 Replies to “Heartless! Interactive Art Exhibit Stolen One Day After Debut

  1. Hope they find who stolen the heart before the police do because that’s how I feel and make that person put it back live on the news

  2. I hope the cops step up to the plate and realize the No. End/Waterfront area needs more protection.
    This is only the beginning. What a disgrace.

    1. First off, yes this is a disgrace. Put lets be serious on the police protection. I mean come on you need to face the fact that the problems in the north end are more quality of life concerns then serious crime. All cities have crime, thats just a fact. The north end is lucky enough to rarely have any serious crimes occuring, which is why the idea to have its on police station is absurd. I’m sure Sal knows that will never fly he is just looking for votes. There are other parts of the city that need alot more protection for actual crimes occurring and not just nuisances. Most commenters seem to keep harping on the same occurence i.e. the beer bottle instance or blame kids from other neighborhoods, because I am sure all the northend kids are saints. Just take a reality check and realize we are lucky to have such a safe neighborhood in the northend and the northend kids are just as much of the problem as kids from any other neighborhood.

      1. I don’t understand the whole “it’s just a quality of life problem” complaint. Does that mean that if you live in the North End you don’t have the right to a high quality of life? Anyone who has lived here for more than just a few years can see that this summer was the worst it’s ever been. Are we just supposed to accept that? I think having a police station to serve just us and Charlestown is a great idea.

      2. FYI….most of the problems in the Gassy, behind the skating rink. on Greenough Lane, the PRado and behind Starbucks are being caused by out of town kids. Nobody is saying all the North End kids are saints. The problem is the cops go to these locations , tell the kids to clean up and NEVER arrest anyone or confiscate the beer/vodka and more often then not let them stay. The North End has a reputation for being THE place for underage drinking and partying because the cops are not doing their job. One arrest or a few paddy wagons full of kids hauled into Area A HQ and phone calls to the out of town (and North End)parents to come and collect their spawn would go a long way to reducing this problem. Quality of life issues are important. Sal is not just looking for votes. He is looking to get two neighborhoods better police coverage. Area A is just too big. And you really should get your own alias. using someone else’s by just using lower case is just not cool.

        1. I agree. The problem we have in the North End can be traced to the fact that the police are not calling the parents of these minors and not arresting them for under age drinking and the other crimes they are committing. This summer the word got around that you can go and party in the North End and the cops won’t do anything about it.

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