Charlotte Golar-Richie Hosts Community Chat in North End

Mayoral candidate, Charlotte Golar Richie, speaks town-hall style to North End / Waterfront residents

Thursday evening at The Pilot House on Atlantic Avenue, Mayoral hopeful Charlotte Golar-Richie spoke directly to local residents addressing concerns and issues. Over fifty North Enders listened as Golar-Richie shared her vision for the City of Boston.

Golar-Richie addressed issues in the city with a focus on the concerns of residents in North End neighborhood. “I am hoping for a city united around shared goals,” said Golar-Richie. “People are talking about jobs, they’re looking to see how their local businesses can thrive. People are talking about having quality schools, and we need a safe community environment.”

“Meetings like this are important and beneficial to everyone,” said State Representative Aaron Michlewitz who has endorsed Richie. “This gives residents a one on one opportunity to explain to Charlotte what they are looking for in their next mayor.”

The floor was then open to questions from the audience, questions covered a wide range of topics. Everything from safety, noise, schools, and the lack of police activity.

A question was raised about the BRA (Boston Redevelopment Authority) the resident felt as if the BRA didn’t work “for them.” The crowd erupted in applause when Golar-Richie stepped forward and said, “When I’m Mayor, it’ll be clear who works for you, I will be your employee.”

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State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz introduces his pick for Mayor, Charlotte Golar Richie
Charlotte Golar Richie speaks to the audience at the Pilot House, Lewis Wharf

Photos by Conor Finley.