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Pauli’s Creates “USS Lobstitution” Lobster Roll

Maeve Stier of Cape Elizabeth, Maine and Marah Smith of Belmont, MA posing with their “USS Lobstitution” Lobster Roll, reportedly the “largest in New England” created by Pauli’s in Boston’s North End in front of the USS Constitution getting ready for the 4th of July weekend in Boston, MA!

The latest lobster roll news out of Pauli’s North End on Salem Street:

“We have become known for our lobster rolls and have had people come in and order multiples. We thought, let’s make this bigger and better. Let’s show them how it’s really done in Boston! I haven’t seen anything else like this in New England,” said Paul Barker, owner of Pauli’s.

Pauli’s enormous lobster roll, dubbed the USS Lobsitution  ($49.99), is made with a whopping 24oz. (1 ½lbs) of prime knuckle and claw meat, which arrives fresh daily from Globe Fish Co. at Marine Industrial Park.