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Neighborhood Council Supports Zoning Requests; Residential Conversion at Former Tecce’s; “Oasis” Project at Columbus Park [Video]

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council met for its monthly meeting on July 8, 2013. The meeting video is embedded here along with the following timeline of issues and votes below.

00:00 Call to order, Roll Call, Meeting Protocol

01:30  Resident Parking/Traffic Committee – Update on visitor parking signage to allow for resident parking (Ryan Kenny)

02:30 Parking Signage Issue on N. Margin / Thacher Street – Conversion from Residential to Commercial near Pizzeria Regina (Bill Lane)

08:30 Public Safety Committee  Report (David Marx)

10:30 Discussion of window smashing at future Pinkberry store and NE Chamber of Commerce participation in Public Safety effort

13:10 Greenway Committee Report (John Pregman)

14:00 Friends of Christopher Columbus Park, Joanne Hayes-Rines discussed FOCCP’s project to redesign, irrigate and enlarge the currently non-irrigated Crossroads Circle “Oasis” that lies at the north entrance of the Marriott Long Wharf on the walkway from the Greenway to the harbor.

25:40 33 Snow Hill Street, Anthony Virgilio has filed a zoning appeal to change the legal occupancy from two residential units to four residential units as part of a recent purchase and full renovation of the building. NEWNC Vote: 11-0 in support.

29:30 55-57 N. Washington Street, Michelle Holdings Inc. has filed a zoning appeal to change the legal occupancy of the above-referenced address from restaurant, offices and sixteen (16) residential units to twenty (20) residential units. This is the location of the former Tecce’s Restaurant. NEWNC Vote: 11-0 in support, with proviso that adjacent lot be used for parking.