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Maine Bus Trip Is a Hit With North End Seniors [Photos]

Robert Church lives at 185 Fulton Street and despite his own health issues, he always helps his neighbors! Every couple of months or so, Bobby asks Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, Councilor Sal LaMattina and Sen. Anthony Petruccelli to fund a trip for the elderly. They always accommodate! These three Gentlemen are the best!!

The Bus was huge and allows for walkers, wheelchairs and shopping carts. It is also comfortably air conditioned. Bobby hands out cold water bottles and Entemann’s Donuts to everyone! We play bingo and enjoy the ride.

Bobby runs these trips out of the goodness of his heart~~cares for, and worries about everyone in attendance !!! I’m sure most of us (who are elderly)~~drive him CRAZY ! He has the patience of a Saint !!! God Bless Bobby~~Thank You ~~ and May You Live Forever !!!

The photos were taken on July 15, 2013 and include scenes from shopping in Kittery Maine, lunch in Ogunquit Maine, the Famous Old Time Penny Candy Store and the Christmas Tree Shop.

Photos by Bobby Church.

4 Replies to “Maine Bus Trip Is a Hit With North End Seniors [Photos]

  1. Bobby took these photos, he tried numerous times to take a group photo in front of the bus, but to no avail !!!
    Everyone was scattered~~~doing their own thing !!! Nice try Bobby, but we were like bees flying around~~ buzzing every where ! ha ha ha Great time was had by ALL !!! Thanks again !
    Also, again Thank You to Rep. Aaron Michelwitz, Councilor Sal LaMattina and Sen. Anthony Anthony Petruccelli !!
    They care about our neighborhood !!!! Thank You Matt for posting our adventure !!

  2. I have known Roberto Church for almost 30 years and he was always a true loyal and generous friend. I moved out of Boston several years ago but still stay in touch with Bob through email from time to time.

    Reading about his activities with fellow seniors in the North End community does not surprise me. I recall so many wonderful holiday dinners at his family home on Wesley Place and so many social events held there, all hosted and catered by Roberto Church.

    When my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer I asked Bob if he would make something special for her as she always enjoyed his culinary creativeness. He made her lobster stuffed ravioli and made my mother one very happy woman.

    I am glad to know that even with Roberto’s health condition he is still thinking of his neighbors and community and doing what he always loved best, giving of himself. Gob bless you Bob Church.

  3. Matt
    It makes my heart feel so good to know that you take all of this time to put up this site, I was born and brought up here, left for a while and then came home to the beautiful North End,
    there is now where like it and I hope we never loose the charm and local color that has been its best attribute.
    Thank you Again
    Bobby Church

  4. I am also a friend of Roberto Church and am so happy to see him get the recognition he truly deserves. As past President of the Ausonia Tenants Assoc., he always went above and beyond the call of duty to serve and accommodate the residents of the Ausonia. He is still doing his best to serve his fellow friends and neighbors by organizing these very enjoyable bus trips. Thank you Roberto Church and thank you to our elected officials for sponsoring this wonderful bus trip!

    Robert Pirelli
    President, Ausonia Tenant’s Assoc.

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