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How is the North End / Waterfront Doing in the “Hot” Real Estate Market?

Downtown Boston Real Estate Sales Analysis – First Six Months 2013

The Boston real estate market is hot again. For the North End / Waterfront, the data shows a very healthy upswing in average sales values. However, the neighborhood also has the highest percentage of properties selling below the original asking price. We may even have the highest percentage of “Price Reductions” before a sale occurs while it appears to be the opposite in other parts of the city.

My opinion is that if we had agents using a realistic pricing strategy, the home values would/could be much higher while experiencing “at” or “above asking” sales.  Pricing is essential when it comes to procuring the highest and best price for our sellers and waterfront home owners.

64% of all the condominium sales in the North End/Waterfront are actually “Sold” by agents outside of the neighborhood.  Why is that important to know?  The fact is that every Buyer is represented by a Buyers Agent and when 64% of them are looking at the sales data from MLS (Multiple Listing Service) it appears that asking prices for homes here are unrealistic resulting in low offers and a real potential for lower sales price for the Sellers.

The perception is not the reality, but the “List to Sell” data is compelling. We are not experiencing the “buzz” like the rest of the city.

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7 Replies to “How is the North End / Waterfront Doing in the “Hot” Real Estate Market?

  1. Some of the “nastiness”might stem from the fact that these younger residents an yuppies are turning this once proud neighborhood into Allston.

    1. The North End is nowhere near like Allston. Even the Allston of ten years ago when I lived over near there.

      1. Agreed. The price point of the NE apts still prices out most college students, recent grads and other problematic demographics.

  2. i totally disagree.How many under-30 people do you see getting involved, caring or in any way really “living” here? Headphones in, walk to work between 7:00 and 9:00 AM, repeat in the opposite direction on the way back. Yeah, they stop at Going Bananas on the way home and spend some money, but that is far from being involved. I have almost never been greeted with a simple “hi” by a young professionals, but have many friends that are what some call the “locals”. The bottom line is:if more people would just give a sh*t, this neighborhood would shine like crazy!!!

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