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Missing Black Cat “Chance” From Endicott Street


Update May 26th: Chance was found close to home, safe and sound!

“Chance” is a black cat that lives on Endicott Street and has been missing since around 12:00 pm on Tuesday, May 21st.

He is described as looking like “Prince” (from Postale), but is likely very frightened as he is not used to being in the street.

Owner Janine Coppola is desperately trying to find him and would appreciate any help or information.

Contact Janine at j9copp@gmail.com

“Chance” is the black cat in this photo


2 Replies to “Missing Black Cat “Chance” From Endicott Street

  1. I saw him this morning in the Prado – at the flower beds next to the fountain… (I didn’t know he was missing then)

  2. Please call me anytime day/night at (617) 771-8417. My cat “Chance” does not have his collar on, but any black cat-sightings at all will be investigated. I have recvd 3 calls so far, but it turned out to be “Prince” from Prince Postale (who is wearing a collar w/ a bell). A big Thank You to those who called anyway! I appreciate your efforts.

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