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Marathon Bombing Victim and North End Resident, Roseann Sdoia, Meets Hero and Guardian Angel, Shores Salter

L-R Firefighter Mike and BPD Officer Shana, Roseann Sdoia and Shores Salter (Photo courtesy

Shores Salter, the young man that helped Roseann Sdoia, on the day of the Boston Marathon bombings was reunited with her at Spaulding Rehab Center for the first time on Saturday. Roseann, a North End resident, was severely injured in the bombings, losing most of her right leg.

Roseann and Shores were separated soon after the bombings when she was taken to the hospital. They recently found each other through a photo sent to Roseann’s Recovery Fund website where Salter was identified.

The search is over…Roseann was able to meet with Shores Salter today. Shores is the amazing college student who whisked Roseann off the sidewalk after the explosion and carried her to the middle of Boylston Street for help. Firefighter Mike and Boston Police Officer Shana (the other two heroes who took over for Shores to transport Roseann to the hospital) were also there to thank Shores for his courageous action.

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