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Bring Back Summer Fireworks to the Waterfront – Kickstarter Campaign

The Boston Harbor Association, along with several other Boston nonprofits, is bringing back fireworks to the harbor as part of its Summer on the Waterfront 2013! This year’s fireworks will be on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, August 31, 2013.

As part of the fundraising, the group is sponsoring a Kickstarter campaign that will run through June 6, 2013. Anyone that donates any amount is invited to a June 12th 2-hour harbor cruise from 5:30 – 7:30pm on the Provincetown II ferry. The ferry is being donated by Bay State Cruises and TBHA emphasizes that they want folks to join them regardless of their ability to donate. 100% of the proceeds from the Kickstarter campaign will go to cover the costs of the Labor Day fireworks.

There’s a short video below and then go to this link to see the Kickstarter page and register for the cruise.

The cover photo for the video was for New Year’s. See more photos of fireworks over Boston Harbor.