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Man Dies After Pulled From Boston Harbor at Christopher Columbus Park; Perhaps After Being Pushed in a Fight


A man died after being pulled from Boston Harbor on Wednesday morning at Christopher Columbus Park. The man may have been pushed over the seawall in a fight. The area around the spray fountains near the Marriott Long Wharf was closed off in the park by yellow police tape into the afternoon.

The incident may have been a fight between two homeless men, according to President of the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park, Joanne Hayes-Rines. She was walking through the park after the incident and spoke with Boston Police

Expressing concerns about the growing homeless problem in the park, she reports that a BPD sergeant on the scene said, “Suppose it was a child that was pushed in?” The Friends of Christopher Columbus Park (FOCCP) have been warning about the dramatic increase of homeless incidents in the park over the past year.

A Boston Fire spokesman said a good samaritan jumped in to help keep the foundering man afloat before both were pulled out by a State Police boat, according to a report on Universal Hub. The incident occurred shortly before noon on Wednesday in broad daylight. Reports from the scene indicate a large response by Boston Police, Fire and EMS.
(Photos by Joanne Hayes-Rines)

4/25/13 Update from Joanne Hayes-Rines: I spoke with Lt. O’Brien of the BPD District A1.  I met him in the park yesterday as the incident was being investigated.  He confirmed that there 3 homeless people, two men and one woman, who had been sitting on the chains at the harbor’s edge facing the water.  The woman said she turned her head and heard a splash.  One of the men was in the water; the other took off.  The lieutenant heard that someone helped the man out of the water but didn’t know the details. The man subsequently died.

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    Usage Note: The verbs founder and flounder are often confused. Founder comes from a Latin word meaning “bottom” (as in foundation) and originally referred to knocking enemies down; it is now also used to mean “to fail utterly, collapse.” Flounder means “to move clumsily, thrash about,” and hence “to proceed in confusion.” If John is foundering in Chemistry 1, he had better drop the course; if he is floundering, he may yet pull through.

  2. suppose it was a child that was pushed in? Just because he was homeless didn’t mean he wasn,t someones child or brother. no big deal,right. a heartless thing to say because he was loved by many but was struggling thru life. His name was Mike and he was someone to me.

    1. i thought the same thing when i read that person’s response about supposing it was a child?? wtf?? pure ignorance. a life is a life, period. i am so sorry for your loss, bill. may mike rest in peace.

  3. Bill my sincere condolences for the lost of your friend Mike. I have mentioned in the past that Cameras have
    to be scattered through the problem areas, and because the City only considers certain parts of the City
    dangerous, they have completely neglected to put cameras in the No.End/Waterfront area.

    I know one thing for sure Bill, if Mike had been some “Politicians” relative they would have found the
    misfit by now. The City is bringing in enough Revenue to put in Cameras and they can well afford to have
    people monitoring these Cameras. There are a lot of people without jobs, and this could be a great job
    opportunity for many. God Bless You, and keep you safe.

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