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2013 Lantern Ceremony Keynote Address by Dr. Jill Lepore, Harvard University and New Yorker Magazine [Video]

The 238th Lantern Ceremony was held at Old North Church on the eve of Patriots’ Day, April 14, 2013, in Boston’s North End.

Featured in this video is the keynote address by Dr. Jill Lepore, Professor of American History at Harvard University and contributor to the New Yorker magazine. Dr. Lepore is introduced by the Vicar of the Old North Church, Rev. Stephen T. Ayres. In addition, the video includes the presentation of the “Third Lantern” by Old North Foundation Chair, Anne Bailey Berman. The video ends with the Old North Chamber Choir singing “Song of Liberty.”

This year’s Lantern Ceremony was the night before the tragic Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013. Dr. Jill Lepore reflects on the Patriot’s Day attacks in a New Yorker column. Old North also hosted an interfaith vigil to remember the victims including injured North End resident, Roseann Sdoia.

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