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Ristorante Quattro to Replace Il Panino Express on Hanover Street

Ristorante Quattro set to re-open in the location formerly occupied by Il Panino Express at 264 Hanover Street.

The former Il Panino Express at 264 Hanover Street looks soon to re-open and under a new name, Ristorante Quattro, according to a the sign captured by North End resident and blogger, Adam Castiglioni.

The location on the corner of Hanover and Parmenter Street is under renovation by owner Frank DePasquale as part of a format change from self-serve to table service that also brings back a beer and wine license.

16 Replies to “Ristorante Quattro to Replace Il Panino Express on Hanover Street

  1. Just what the neighborhood needs, another sit-down, full service Italian restaurant. Il Panino Express was great for the sandwiches, salads, pasta plates, and slices (and don’t buy the sign saying they’re still open in DePasquale’s Pasta Shop, they only have a few sandwiches from the old menu) if you just wanted to grab a good quick bite. Yes, we still have a few sandwich shops but the variety at Express was much better, and it always seemed to be packed. Not sure what DiPasquale was thinking, especially competing with his own place right across the street.

    1. i don’t think he is concerned about competition considering the neighborhood already has 70 sitdown italian restaurants. i just am amazed that the people who eat in all these resturants think the neighbhorhood is still authentic.

  2. He wants to utilize the liquor lic from Gelateria…can’t do that as much in a sub shop like Express

  3. Actually, the liquor license at the Gelateria was transferred from Il Panino Express several years ago when there was a dispute between Frank D and his then landlord and there was a question of him losing the lease at that location. it is going back to the original physical location of the license.

  4. I have lived in the North End for almost 30 years and never had dined at one of dePasquale’s restaurants. We decided to try the original Il Panino with some friends. After being told only bottled water was available (for $5/bottle if I recall correctly) I will never patronize one of his restaurants again. Talk about a “tourist trap” for suckers. Had we not been with other people we would have left.

  5. People only get away with what you allow them to get
    away with.

    This is only the beginning, watch what happens in the

    We have to depend on our City & State Officials to
    step up to the plate and say enough is enough.

    The good thing about Quartro is the license was a
    transfer, and NOT a new license.

    This neighborhood turned into Restaurant Row, and I
    don’t feel that the issue of Trash is Restaurant Related,
    it is Resident Related. We have Pigs living in the
    Neighborhood & this is only a Pit Stop for them and they could
    careless about Trash or Noise, and let us not forget
    the issue of GREED. Whoever said Money is the
    Root of all Evil knew what they were saying. These
    People, whether they be Absentee Landlords or
    Restaurant Owners, just don’t want to make a Living,
    they want to make a KILLING, there is a Big Difference.

      1. There are other things in life besides Restaurants.

        What about Retail? I don’t believe anyone likes to
        see empty store fronts, but please don’t think
        Restaurants is the only way to go, We have more
        than enough Restaurants in this Very Small Neighborhood. Enough is Enough.

        1. I tend to agree but…shoe store, out of business…book store, out of business….clothing store next to Strega..out of business…Martini’s…90% lottery business…Hanover News…out of business.

          Restaurants (esp fast food) can survive much easier than other retail businesses in this neighborhood. I don’t like it either but history is proving me right, unfortunately.

          Banks, pharmacy, hair salons, package stores….those seem to be the only things that can make a go of it on Hanover St/Salem St

  6. If the landlords stopped jacking up the already outrageous rents for commercial space, perhaps more retail businesses would survive. Acquire, Shake the Tree, Ensemble all on Salem St are thriving. High Gear has been in business in the North End for decades and continues to thrive. The Buck a Book “chain” went bust a decade ago. Residents need banks and drug stores and hair salons and dry cleaners and package stores. Hanover News is being turned into a pizza restaurant by the same owners. (better than the 90% lottery business that was there). Unfortunately the only businesses who can afford the $10,000 to $15,000 a month rents are restaurants.

  7. I love how everyone has an opinion about keeping the “authenticity” of this neighborhood. So just because some people want to “save” the culture, that culture should be held back in business ventures and expansion? Italians have a right to take advantage of their heritage for profit, we are not a free zoo. Someone has to pay the bills. Italians have succeeding in this country from day one, and no one has a right to stop it. It is one of the highest foot traffic for tourist in the entire country, and of course we are going to take advantage of it.

  8. Visited the North End today, so looking forward to a sandwich, salad, pizza, and were so disappointed!! Why would you take away the best thing going on Hanover for a quick meal?? So much for that we headed over to Fanueil, spent our money there! Not sure why you would change the style of restaurant, but I hope you change it back to the way it was!!

    1. wah wah. go try volle nolle, dino’s, artu takeout, ernestos, monica’s, or a number of other small places. if you can’t find something to eat in the north end, you are just a complainer. hope you enjoyed faneuil hall! ahhahahaha

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