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NEWF Tuesday: Building Lincoln Wharf, Calendar Highlights, New Comments and Remembering Carnevale in the North End

Neighborhood View of the Day:

Here is a photo from 113 years ago, just as Lincoln Wharf’s pilings were being installed. You can also see the Union Wharf granite warehouse in the back which was built in the 1830’s before the Civil War. Thanks to a NEWF fan for sharing this scanned photo.

Did you take a cool photo or have something unique from your old collection? Email info@northendwaterfront.com to have it featured. Also, see the Neighborhood Photo galleries under the “Photos & Videos” menu and recent photo posts here.

What’s Happening In The North End / Waterfront:

It’s story time at the North End Library, 10:30 am for toddlers and 11:00 am for babies. By the way, have you bought your tickets yet for the Friends of the North End Branch Library fundraiser on March 7th? See FriendsNELibrary.org for more info.

At 6pm, the West End Museum opens its new exhibit, “Street Names: Lost and Found” trying to preserve the old pathways before urban renewal. Visit TheWestEndMuseum.org or call 617-723-2125.

At 7pm, NEWRA’s Parks and Open Spaces Committee holds its monthly meeting at the Nazzaro Center.

View the details on upcoming events and meetings in the Events Calendar.

What’s new on the blog:

What people are talking about:

  • Questions about the announced changes at NEMPAC and its future … here.
  • Can you beat 9 minutes, 36 seconds … here.

Join the discussion. Your comments are highly encouraged!

Notable News Found Elsewhere:

The February 2013 issue of Bostoniano is out. I enjoyed reading Jim Pasto’s article on Boston’s Colorful Turn-of-the-Century Carnevale about the pre-lenten tradition in the North End.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Little Miss Runshine blogs about the North End’s Cocoanuts at 28 Parmenter St.. Read more.


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3 Replies to “NEWF Tuesday: Building Lincoln Wharf, Calendar Highlights, New Comments and Remembering Carnevale in the North End

  1. Love the old picture, that says Lincoln Wharf – but if you look at the picture – and think about – Union Wharf is on the wrong side? You are to our Right not the left…. right?

  2. Commercial Street is on the right and the harbor is on the left. The photographer is taking the picture from the Battery Wharf side. I have another photo from this collection that I’ll post shortly that will make this easier to identify the construction as Lincoln Wharf.

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