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Neighborhood Photo Puzzle: Snowy Prado Tree and Paul Revere Statue

What did you think of the Freyr snow storm? Maybe a bit overrated, in my view. Still, there was enough snow to make some interesting scenes such as this one on the Prado of the tree and snow-dusted Paul Revere statue. It’s a jigsaw picture puzzle. You know what to do.

(Photo by Matt Conti)

8 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo Puzzle: Snowy Prado Tree and Paul Revere Statue

  1. Hi Matt, for years, going out for New Year’s Eve was NOT my thing~~~~I always stayed home and did a puzzle, appx. 300 pieces~~~~I did enjoy your Prado Puzzle, and, at least I got to finish this one !!!! ha ha ha Thank You !!

  2. Thanks for the feedback on the picture puzzle. Now that I figured out the software, I’ll try and post one on a regular basis and mix up the level of difficulty.

  3. That would be great to have more picture puzzles Matt it was lots of fun and the neighborhood scene made it all the better. Happy New Year.

  4. Matt, I enjoy your puzzles immensely. That 80 piece puzzle was the best fun! If I may make a suggestion. Is it possible to give more empty space to sort out the pieces to the side? In other words, make the empty spaces larger. I find that I spend too much time trying to get the pieces in order OFF the picture area. My thing is to find all the edge pieces and then fill in the rest of the pieces. But it’s hard when there’s no empty space to sort those pieces out in order to find those edge pieces. Thanks for all the fun! And great photos too. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the feedback, Dee. The puzzles are designed to fit into the various display screens so a larger display will have more empty space than say, an iPad. You can also try enlarging your browser window. Though similar to a regular jigsaw puzzle, half the fun/challenge is moving the pieces! Thanks again. –Matt

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