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Preview: First Annual Street Theater Festival at Faneuil Hall Marketplace [Photos]

The First Annual Street Theater Festival is this weekend on October 20th and 21st, 2012 at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. On Friday, we caught a preview of the street performers hosted by The Jim Show and featuring world-renowned acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, magicians and musicians. See the schedule here.

Some performers are long-time Boston favorites, including Jason Escape, who has been performing at Faneuil Hall Marketplace for eight years as an escape artist who gets strapped into a straightjacket and wrapped in 75 feet of rope to be hung by his ankles before freeing himself. “As a performer, it’s great to see new and exciting things happening at Faneuil Hall,” he said, referring to a reinvigorated event and capital program by new property operator, Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp.

There are also some newcomers that made it through this year’s try-outs, including “Cate the Great” who gave a sky high acrobatic performance at the preview. “I’m ready to make Boston my home,” said Cate who has performed in several cities around the world, Although most performers work for themselves, local entertainers have a loosely formed group known as the Boston Street Performers Association.

Also performing this weekend are Alakazam, Wacky Chad, Lucky Bob, Dave Cox and Kilted Colin. Photos from the preview, held at Ned Devine’s on Friday, are shown below. Photos by Matt Conti.

The Jim Show juggles bowling pins, while balancing on a board on top of a roller on top of a high table, on one foot.


Alakazam contorts to fit his body through a squash racket.


A living statue greets guests at the preview of the First Annual Street Theater Festival.


Dave Cox performs unicycle tricks on stage.


Cate the Great balances high in the air on one hand.


Kilted Colin juggles and performs tricks to a musical beat, in a kilt.


Jason Escape performs magic card tricks with helpers from the audience.


Lucky Bob balances a set of books on his chin.


Dave Cox performs unicycle tricks on stage.


Cate the Great gets ready for her acrobatic and juggling performance.


Wacky Chad performs stunts on a pogo stick.


Lucky Bob balances a golf ball on his nose.


Alakazam squeezes to fit through a squash racket.


Wacky Chad carries an audience member on his shoulders while riding a miniature tricycle.

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