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Police Blotter: Underage Drinking and Loud Parties

Reported incidents from this week’s Boston Police Journal Log are shown below, courtesy of Boston Police District A-1.

Liquor Involving Minors
10/19/12 12:40am – 3:00am
Female suspect arrested at Charter St. apartment rooftop party for possession and consumption of alcohol under the age of 21 years.

Disturbing the Peace
10/20/12 2:05am
Male suspect arrested for disturbing the peace at a N. Bennet Ct. noisy party call.


7 Replies to “Police Blotter: Underage Drinking and Loud Parties

  1. What I don’t understand is why 139 Fulton Street was not
    on the Police Blotter when there was a problem 2 weeks
    in a row.
    There is no doubt our Police Dept. is going to have a
    hard time controlling the neighborhood, but once the
    fines are given out & the Police Dogs, which is a far
    bigger threat to these drunks & disruptive people, I
    think you will really see the neighborhood come to

    The Boston Police claim they had problems taking the
    dogs on patrol, but who did these dogs bite, innocent
    people, I don’t think so.

    There is a Solution to every problem, and if the Absentee
    Landlords, Residents, Real Estate Agents, Restaurants
    and the Boston Police all stick together, all of our lives
    will be made so much easier.

  2. I was out late Friday night, 10/26. There were patrol cars as well as two officers on foot on Salem St and Hanover St. It was good to see…but there were a ton of kids in their 20’s in the neighborhood. I don’t think anyone would have predicted how much of a destination place the NE has become for people in their 20’s and 30’s and we’re ill equipped to deal w/ it.

  3. Get used to it. The kids are here to stay and the cops don’t have the budget to flood the neighborhood with officers. They have real problems to deal with in other areas of the city. I think we can all agree that they should be more concerned with murders, robberies, drug dealing, etc. in other areas of the city than asking kids to turn the music down.

    1. If Beacon Hill got rid of these kids we can too, and we are never getting used to it and the worst is yet to come.

      1. then who is going to rent all of the slum apartments? the north end thrives on tourists, college students and illicit activities. we can only wish it could be more like beacon hill.

        1. Wishes always come true. The students are the problem and the tourists will always be welcomed, they are not urinating off rooftops & throwing bottles at our police, and hopefully the city will get after the Slumlords who are renting to the students and we cam cure the problem. A problem has a solution, even if we have to go after the slumlords, I am all for that.

  4. 20 Tileston St should have been on the police report too. I watched a 20 something drunk guy get evaluated then picked up by an ambulance late Sunday night/early Monday morning. The police aren’t reporting the facts.

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