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Thursday’s News & Views: Chess Club, Harbor Swim, Painting Parties, Doggie Comments, Larger Text and 1960s Aerial North End Photo


What’s Going On Thursday, September 27, 2012:

It’s time for Chess at the North End Branch Library, 25 Parmenter Street starting at 4pm. The Events Calendar has all the details.

What’s new on the blog:

An incredible story about an amazing swim through Boston Harbor.

Have you heard about Matisse and Merlot Painting Parties?

What people are talking about:

The “Doggie Disgrace” commentary has raised some tempers! Catch the comments.

Just For Fun Easier Reading:

Larger TEXT Size – Maybe I’m just getting old, but I increased the default text size on all the posts. Too big, still too small? Let me know in the comments section.

You can also change the default on most desktops in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers. Look under the View menu for the Zoom option.

Neighborhood Photo of the Day:

The North End in the 1960s from an aerial point of view is shown below as posted in the City of Boston Archives from a Landmark Commission photograph. Note how the waterfront is completely different with the Lincoln Wharf power stack, no ball fields or pool either. The Custom House still rules the sky as the only skyscraper in downtown Boston.

1960s Aerial North End and Downtown – Landmark Commission Photograph – City of Boston Archives

Click photo image above to enlarge. Did you take a great photo? Send it in.

Your comments are welcome below. Then, go out and enjoy the day!