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Last Call at The Purple Shamrock on Union Street [Photos]

After 32 years, it was Last Call on Saturday night at the popular Union Street Irish bar, The Purple Shamrock. Property owner, Carlisle Properties, is raising the rent by 60%, according to press reports, and “The Rock” owners, Glynn Group, have decided to move on. It is not clear what will open up at the 1 Union Street location, although operators have indicated on their Facebook page that “The Purple Shamrock” name may be reincarnated elsewhere.

An Irish wake was held yesterday with an empty casket paraded through the Faneuil Hall area, complete with bag pipes. It was September 15, almost halfway to St. Patrick’s Day, and a traditional Irish menu was offered in tribute.

On Saturday night, well-wishers were sporting “Last Call 2012” t-shirts and revelers posed for photos in front of the famous bar. Handwritten notes were written on the windows, including one that said “I hate Panera Bread,” a reference to chains moving into the Faneuil Hall area amid higher rents.

The former McDonald’s next door on the corner is boarded up after also closing recently. That location is expected to be a TD Bank branch.

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Photos by Matt Conti.