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Cars Tagged With Tommy Trash in North End

A reader sends in this photo saying:

It seems like EVERY single car in the North End was tagged with one of these concert promos for some show tonight. Talk about a pain in the butt. My car was baking in the sun over on Commercial Street and the card turned into a sticker that won’t come off. These guys are the worst!

6 Replies to “Cars Tagged With Tommy Trash in North End

  1. The worst is when it rains and the postcard is stuck to your windshield until you scrape it off. Makes me want to call the company and tell them that kind if advertisement makes me never want to go there!

  2. Is that the singer from the original Free Credit Score dot com band?

    He’s come a long way from working in a restaurant dressed as a pirate…

    1. Plastering cars with handbills might be a step down from working in a restaurant dressed as a pirate.

  3. Very difficult to scrape the card off of my windshield–even with a product called Goo Gone. Unlike most advertisement cards which are placed between the windshield wiper and windshield these ads for PRIME cards are “coated” front and back. When moistened (by mist or rain) the coating becomes a powerful adhesive. No easy job to remove when dry.

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