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Ducali to Offer Pop-Up Outdoor Beer Garden at St. Anthony’s Feast

News from Ducali Pizzeria & Bar on a special one-time Beer Garden during St. Anthony’s Feast (August 24-26, 2012):

Ducali Pizzeria & Bar Celebrates Annual St. Anthony’s Feast
with Pop-Up Outdoor Beer Garden

Ducali offers its own feast for the “feast of all feasts”

WHAT:  In honor of Saint Anthony’s Feast, which annually floods the already crowded streets of the North End with parades, performances, and pushcarts, Ducali Pizzeria & Bar will create a temporary beer garden fit for snacking, sipping, and escaping the crowds. The one-time-only 40-seat patio will be built on Endicott Street, adjacent to the restaurant, where the road will be closed to everything but foot traffic.

Ducali will offer a simple Italian menu outside, with authentic staples such as lamb skewers and arancini, as well as beer offerings which will include: Peroni, Moretti, Cisco Sankaty Light, Sam Oktoberfest, and more. Take in the sights, or take a break from the sights, at the hidden gem of New England’s largest religious feast.                             

Friday, August 24 through Sunday, August 26
11:30 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Adjacent to Ducali Pizzeria & Bar (289 Causeway Street)
Corner of Prince Street, North End, Boston, MA 617-742-4144, http://ducalipizza.com/

OTHER: Reservations not accepted. Seating is based on first come, first serve.

For more information about Saint Anthony’s Feast and a schedule of the weekend’s events, visit http://www.stanthonysfeast.com/.

About Ducali Pizzeria & Bar
Ducali Pizzeria & Bar is an authentic pizzeria that showcases only locally grown ingredients. Ducali remains true to humble and honest origins and creates quality pizza that is accessible to everyone. The name “Ducali” comes from the nickname of the soccer team in the city of Parma and plays in one of the world’s best soccer leagues.

About St. Anthony’s Feast
The Feast was first celebrated in 1919 by Italian immigrants, emigrating from the small mountain town of Montefalcione, outside of Naples. Now celebrating its 93rd Anniversary, the Feast honors Saint Anthony of Padua with religious services, street processions, live entertainment, and plenty of Italian food. The weekend festivities culminate with a ten-hour procession of the Statue of Saint Anthony. Guided by devote followers, marching bands, and confetti, the procession weaves through the decorated streets of the North End, returning the Statue of the Saint to his chapel for yet another year.         

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8/13/12 Update – A correction was received about it being on the corner of Endicott, not Prince St, and this was reflected in the news release above.

8/20/12 Update – One more change. The beer garden will go from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm, not 1:00 / 12:30 pm as previously stated.

7 Replies to “Ducali to Offer Pop-Up Outdoor Beer Garden at St. Anthony’s Feast

  1. since when is Prince St closed to all vehicle traffic during St. Anthony's Feast…except maybe during Sunday's procession for a few hours? How is a firetruck or ambulance or police car going to get from Causeway/Commercial St to Salem St. Sounds like a public safety nightmare for everyone living on Prince St or near it.

    1. I'm sure the feast committee has planned everything with public safety in mind. Since they have to project everything to the city to obtain every permit necessary. No worries!

    2. Rick I know the St. Anthony's Society does for the feast stuff but I am not as confident about Ducali which is not an official part of the feast as far as I can tell.

    3. Just to clarify – Prince Street will NOT be be closed during the weekend of the Feast. The "Beer Garden" or the Ducali Piazza as it should be called, will be located on the brick plaza/island outside of the entrance to Fillipo, on the Endicott Street side of the restaurant. It will be a stantioned off area where guests can enjoy a beer or wine WITH some lite fare from the Ducali menu.

      1. Thanks Jason. Matt’s post came from Ducali’s PR people. Having a pop up beer garden wasn’t the concern…having it built on Prince St and closing Prince to vehicular traffic was the concern.

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