Neighborhood Photo: Cooling Off at Columbus Park

A North End / Waterfront resident that prefers to stay anonymous submitted this photo of “Fido Cooling Off at Columbus Park” for today’s Neighborhood Photo.

Fido Cooling Off at Columbus Park by Anonymous – July 2012


“Neighborhood Photo” is a regular feature on The North End’s fabled streets and the phenomenal views of the waterfront are literally “picture perfect.” To have your photo featured, submit it on this page. Please include a title, date taken, your full name and a sentence or two describing the photo. Each photo will also be displayed in the gallery, “Neighborhood Photos” (accessible from the Galleries menu on

4 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Cooling Off at Columbus Park

  1. Watch out anonymous dog walker, Vincent could be nearby lurking with camera in hand waiting to take a picture of this pooch destroying the north end neighborhood!

    1. GIve it a rest. This dog was on a leash and not running freely in a baseball field. You are starting to sound like you were the person caught in last photo and are angry aboout getting caught.

      1. So disagreeing with one mans vendetta against dogs in a supposedly dog friendly city is an admission of guilt?

        Sounds rational.

        1. This photo HAS NOTHING TO DO with Vincent and his quest to keep dog s**t off of the baseballl fields. It was not even taken by him. So making snarking remarks about VIncent in a post about this particular photo makes you SOUND guilty even if you are not. Just saying.

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