Residents File Papers for Election on Neighborhood Council, NEWNC

NEWNC has announced the following individuals are candidates for the upcoming NEWNC election:

1. Allan Danley, 82 Commercial St.
2. Toni Gilardi, 133 Fulton St.
3. Ryan Kenny 10 Thacher Street, #309
4. John Pregmon 163 Endicott Street, #2
5. Marie Simboli 61 Prince Street
6. Anne Devlin Tagliaferro 63 Atlantic Ave., #4

(Note: The order shown above is alphabetical, not the ballot order.)

There are six candidates running for six open two-year term seats, before any write-in candidates. The election is scheduled for May 19, 2012, 10am-2pm at the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. All North End / Waterfront residents are eligible to vote with proof of residency. Candidates will also introduce themselves at the May 14, 2012 monthly NEWNC meeting (7pm, Nazzaro Center).

Councilors with one more year left on their two-year terms include Philip Frattaroli, Bill Lane, David Marx, Jorge Mendoza and Stephen Passacantilli. Incumbents not running for re-election include President Donna Freni and Giancarlo Tiberi. The seat formerly occupied by the late Mario Alfano is also up for election this year.

Editor’s Notes:
May 6, 2012 – A candidate was removed who informed they did not submit paperwork to the council, contrary to the initial candidate list received from NEWNC.
May 8, 2012 – Revised to add Toni Gilardi to the candidate listing based upon a corrected list from NEWNC.

More information on NEWNC can be found at

12 Replies to “Residents File Papers for Election on Neighborhood Council, NEWNC

  1. In the past an election was still held even when there were onlly enough candidates to filll the open slots.

  2. Is there a process in place for verifying that the signatures on the nomination forms are from verifiable North End residents? Given Mr. Danley's demonstrated disregard for playing by the rules, this would be a logical precaution.

    1. Thanks for your support!

      My list can be provided to you if you wish. The best is I spent my time collecting signatures from people of the neighborhood I did not know. It’s part of my decision to get involved.

      Know the people understand the problems.

      Not false or unsubstantiated statements. Made by people who think their rights are superior to others.

  3. Yes there is a process for verifying signatures and candidates’ residency. we shall see.

  4. Since there are only 5 candidates for 6 open seats and there has been an issue with identifying the actual candidates, NEWNC should postpone the election, disregard all submissions and call for nomination papers to be submitted again at a future date. Based on the problems that NEWNC has had with verifying who actually submitted papers, all signatures and the candidates should be certified as being residents of the Northend by someone like Nicole Leo or another individual who is not a NEWNC council member.

  5. I wonder if Mr. Danley and the other newcomer candidates understand that the primary function of NEWNC is to be a neighborhood advisory group to the Mayor, the ZBA and the Licensing board on zoning and licensing issues only. Other things such as Public Safety are committees that have been in existence for 20 yrs and deal with crime statistics and quality of life issues related to noise and loud parties. It is an advisory group period. The Licensing Board and ZBA can accept or ignore NEWNC, NEWRA and any other neighborhood groups support of a project or license application or lack there of as City board deems appropriate. The by-laws clearly define that Council members cannot vote on items for which they are personally involved. Given Mr Danley’s reputation and pending lawsuit against the city over the law that prohibits or limits the use of Segways in the City of Boston, I question his motivation for being a candidate for NEWNC. I would hope that the existing NEWNC members determine if his legal action represents a conflict of interest that would prevent him from serving on the council and potentially undermines NEWNCs advisory position with the city.

    1. Joyce,
      I fully understand what the council was created to do.

      My reputation as you state is what? since it only seems that it continues to be brought up by the few. When it’s people like you who continue to try to provide problems to others.

      I live and work in this neighborhood. Keep in mind you continue to talk about subjects like you understand the facts. The Fact is any lawsuit I have a part in is based on personal choice. Another law suit you claim to understand is filed by a corporation against a city for violating things like anti-trust, trade restriction, and discrimination. Some very serious topics.

      I understand you feel a certain way, however you have the right to advocate for or against something. Once again it seems you refuse to allow others the same rights.

      It has been and will continue to be my position that Segway’s are safe. Yes on the sidewalk and I’m sure that very soon a court will feel that the city has violated the law by creating this ordinance.

      Until then Boston By Segway Inc. has done it’s part to submit routes, adhere to rules. However the city has again failed to follow it’s own established set of rules.

      They have not approved routes, Not completed background checks, not issued a license. So what you don’t seem to want to accept is this law or ordinance was simply a tool. A set of rules placed in part by people who in the face of facts choose their own opinions. Violated consumer laws and rights.

      I look forward to serving the neighborhood.

  6. If you mean calling you out. Yes you are correct Joyce.

    I will not be intimidated to not speak my mind or tell people that they are wrong.

    Joyce as I see it you are the one continuing to try to shed light on the fact you believe you are above others. People like you spend thier time trying to take away the rights of others.

    I can tell you I will be the person not the person you want Joyce but the person the neighborhood needs.

    Once again since I know it will bother you I look forward to serving the neighborhood.

  7. I am sorry to be late to the discussion but felt I needed to comment. I am not a resident of the northend, although I very much enjoy visiting and have for many years. I have been following the drama surrounding the segways and Mr. Danley. I am disturbed to find out that he is actually running for office in the neighborhood. Reading the comments previous it seems that his true nature is no secret. I have known Him for many years and caution anyone choosing to vote for him that his motives , however charminlgy presented are self serving. He cannot be trusted not depended on to think past what is good for him. His life is about anger and revenge. He flits around the country on cruises and for ” business” yet neglects those he should value highest. Please be aware he is the definition of a wolf in sheeps clothing. The North End is a wonderful community and should be represented by those who truly care about it and will put the interests of the neighborhood before their own. Mr. Danley is not capable of that.

    1. Thank you David, however I have no idea who you are. I certainly have not know you for several years.

      You certainly seem to want to keep a close on eye on my travels. Sounds more like you are jealous.

      David or who you are pretending to be? If you have been following the “Drama” then you would not have such a comment. It is terrible that people want to refer to the fact that creating jobs, boosting tourism, and driving business to the neighborhood to the tune of 55,000 people in 2011 is a bad thing.

      I have and will continue to support the neighborhood and the city’s non profit organizations.

      David stick to the facts, the only one you seem to have right is I travel and enjoy the world. Please don’t stay sheltered all your life. Lets see your story?

      I look forward to serving the neighborhood.


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