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NEMPAC Update from the Executive Director

by NEMPAC Executive Director, Rebecca Griffin

One Tuesday, 4/24, Guitar Instructor, and Rock Band Instructor Jeremy Sarzana showed off by lining up and playing in 3 different bands at Johnnie’s on the Side. Showed off??? Jeremy is the most humble guy you’ll ever meet, so I’m bragging on his behalf. The 3 groups played what I’m going to call Punk Rock, Classic Rock, and Acoustic Rock respectively. The folks who were at Johnnie’s had a GREAT night of live music. Thank you Jeremy, and Thank you Johnnie’s for hosting us.

On Friday, 4/27, NEMPAC concluded our Winter Concert Series with The Scott Boni Trio at the Old North Church. What an AMAZING performance. Thank you Scott, Tim and June. Thank you Sherri Snow for an AMAZING concert series. Thank you Old North Church for hosting us! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us – both by being there, and by contributing at the door. Our scholarship program has received a nice boost from these concerts.

On 4/28, NEMPAC was invited to perform the National Anthem at the North End Athletic Association’s OPENING DAY of Baseball. GREAT JOB Voice Student of Sherri Snow NINA FINOCCHIARO!!!! Thank you NEAA for inviting us!!!

On 4/29, NEMPAC participated in the Cyrus Dallin Celebration Event on the Prado. Thank you to David Kubiak, and NEWRA for including us in such an AMAZING and historic event. Congratulations and Thank yous to Voice instructor Sherri Snow, Guitar instructor, Jeremy Sarzana, and Trumpet instructor (and Singer) Chris Schroeder for a great performance. Congratulations and Thank yous to piano student Carlo Crocini and to guitar students Nick Shea, and Charlie Griffin for amazing performances. Congratulations and Thank you to Voice and Piano instructor Rebecca Rapoport-Cole for an amazing line up and performance by Longy Opera Master’s Degree students. Congratulations and Thank you to voice student Joey Griffith for an amazing acapella performance of the National Anthem, and to NEMPAC students Emma Berguano, Griffin Black, and Maya Sen-Jennings for an exceptional job reading the lengthy “Paul Revere’s Ride” by H.W. Longfellow. All 4 of those kids were there also representing the amazing Eliot School. Thank you to everyone in the audience who participated in the sing-along of “America” (“My country tis of thee”), lyrics written by Reverend Samuel Francis Smith (1808-1895). Rev. Smith lived on Sheafe Street as a boy and was a student at the Eliot School. The song “America” was performed as part of the 1940 statue dedication program.

Parents of all these kids – you should feel VERY proud!

A few Upcoming things:

On 5/3 – The Big Apple Circus GAVE us 50 tickets for our Private Music Instruction program, and lined up a question and answer session with the band director right after the 6:30 show. As you can imagine, our 50 tickets went like hotcakes. The Big Apple has offered me $40 tickets for $25 for any others who might want to come. This is a very generous offer. If you are interested, please email me back by Wednesday at 12 noon. I am allowed to bring as many folks as I can to the Q&A.

On 5/3 – NEMPAC Jazz at the Fairmont Lobby/Lounge – Look for Scott Boni on Saxaphone, Sherri Snow on vocals, Greg deBourgknecht and Jeremy Sarzana on guitar.

On 5/4 – NEMPAC ROCKS OUT THE TASTE OF THE NORTH END!!!!!!!!!! If you enjoyed the band at the Hoot and Howl, come come. Bobby has his singing voice on and is ready. If you were on the fence about coming to the Taste of the North End, get off! It’s going to be a GREAT night of LIVE music – and I haven’t even mentioned the food!!!!

NEMPAC (and you actually, if you’re involved in NEMPAC in any way, shape, or form) has benefitted GREATLY over the years by the generosity of The Taste of the North End.

Bring an empty stomach to the Taste of the North End, hosted by event founder Donato Frattaroli and James Luisi. Billy Costa will be the Master of Ceremonies while Dennis Seidenberg of the Boston Bruins will be honored for his charitable work with North End organizations. Guests will enjoy food from more than 35 popular eateries, and will be able to participate in silent auctions. All proceeds from the event are split between multiple non-profit organizations in the North End including elderly, education and health programs to help better then entire community. DCR Steriti Memorial Ice Rink, 561 Commercial St.

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