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Coyote Stops By North End for Sunday Breakfast

It was an unusual sight early on Sunday morning at Copp’s Hill Terrace when residents spotted a coyote, almost unheard of in the North End. Jim Carey captures this photo of the wayward animal. Environmental Police are in the neighborhood tracking down the coyote.

Coyote on Copp's Hill (Photo by Jim Carey)

Update: Below is a video clip, courtesy of Union Wharf:

13 Replies to “Coyote Stops By North End for Sunday Breakfast

    1. John P. Dunn …nope I think it crossed over the bridge from Charlestown so it is probably an Irish coyote looking for some taters and brew! One was caught last week in the Financial District. hoping it comes back late tonight or early tomorrow morning and snacks on the rats and then goes away. Still on the loose.

  1. I hope the Environmental Police are not planning on euthanizing this wild creature upon capture. What exactly do they do once they track it down.

    1. Nuts! The reason we have Coyotes in urban areas is because "environmental police" have their hands tied as regards animal control. Coyotes should be shot on sight; and they have no interest in your woodchucks, except to eat them and your babies and pets, Katherine!

  2. My son and I were walking on Snow Hill street this morning at about 9:30am and this coyote ran right by us. It stopped at the corner of Hull and Snow Hill, looked around to decide where to go, and ran down the stairs that lead to the Gassy. I’m glad someone got a picture because I did not think anyone would believe us.

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