Event Notices

North End Historical Society Event on March 29

Dr. Lori Rogers-Stokes leading a tour for NEHS members in Arlington last summer.

“ALL should be united in opposition to this violation of the Liberties of ALL” – Samuel Adams, 1774

The North End Historical Society, in cooperation with the Arlington Historical Society, presents a talk by Dr. Lori Rogers-Stokes on how Boston united with the surrounding towns in order to fight British tyranny in 1774.

“The story of the American Revolution begins with the story of resistance in Massachusetts against violations of their natural rights by Britain,” says Dr. Rogers-Stokes.Boston, in particular, was at the center of resistance, but that was only made possible by the strength the capital city drew from the surrounding towns. This situation, according to Rogers-Stokes, “made Massachusetts the leading revolutionary light in America.”

Dr. Rogers-Stokes will discuss how and why Boston and the towns of Massachusetts became united in resistance to expanded royal privilege. She will elaborate on the remarkable and unique political consciousness of average citizens in Massachusetts towns, both large and small. “To understand the events of the 1770s … we have to look at the long history of political engagement and the very early embrace of democracy” in the Bay State, according to Rogers-Stokes. “The partnership between Boston and the towns was unique in colonial America and was a deciding factor in the road to war.”

Lori Rogers-Stokes is a public historian and a member of the Board of Directors of the Arlington Historical Society, so she will also naturally discuss Arlington’s role as a watch post along the spy road from Boston to the Provincial Congress in Concord. Her talk on Thursday, March 29, begins sharply at 6 p.m. at Sacred Heart Church Hall, 9 Sun Court Street, in the North End. This event is free and open to the public, but reservations are required as space is limited. Please call 617-680-3829 or e-mail northendhs@gmail.com to reserve a seat.