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Neighborhood Council Objects to Lucca Restaurant’s Valet Parking Request on Hanover Street

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council, NEWNC, voted 7-2 to oppose a valet parking permit application by Lucca Restaurant at 226 Hanover Street. At the council meeting held on March 12, 2012, Lucca owners and the operator, City Valet Inc., presented their case to have valet parking spaces in front of their restaurant. Currently, Lucca shares a valet zone down the block with Fiore Restaurant. This was the second time that NEWNC considered the request, after tabling it at their February 2012 meeting.

The video shows the Lucca Restaurant presentation with City Valet, the council discussion and vote on the matter.

Last week, the other neighborhood group, North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA), voted to support the Lucca valet parking application in a vote of 12-6. The contradictory votes are advisory to the Boston Transportation Department that will make the final determination on the permit.

In other business, the Neighborhood Council unanimously supported two zoning relief applications for Fulton Street. At 100 Fulton St., Thomas Hawke is applying to convert Unit 1A Fulton Court from commercial to residential use. AT 112 Fulton St., Andrew McDonald is applying to enclose an existing deck/balcony to increase living space.

Lastly, the council listened to a presentation for a one-day filming on Sheafe Street scheduled for March 24 from 7am to 7pm for a Showtime TV pilot, “Ray Donovan.” This presentation and the council’s committee reports will be shown in separate posts.

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