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Here We Go Again: Four Developers Bid on Parcel 9 Project, Adjacent to Greenway and Haymarket

Following this week’s designation of Parcel 7 to the sole bidder, Boston Public Market Association, the adjacent Greenway Parcel 9 now moves into the spotlight. Four bids were submitted to the State’s transportation authority, MassDOT, that owns the parcel. The triangular lot, known as Parcel 9, is adjacent to Haymarket, Blackstone St. and the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway.

Of the four bids, three are repeat bidders from the last round of bidding, including the Boston Museum, DeNormandie Companies (now with Cresset Development) and Eamon O’Marah, formerly of Eastat Realty, now at Jones Lang LaSalle and partnering with Normandy Real Estate. A new proposal was submitted by Upton + Partners. One previous bidder to take a pass this time was The Gutierrez Company, that proposed an office building in the first round.

All of the bids include a ground market that would likely expand the Haymarket pushcarts with indoor/outdoor vendor stalls. The designs also incorporate the recommendation of the RFP Advisory Committee to step down the buildings on the North Street side, while allowing for more height toward the Faneuil Hall side of the parcel.

Boston Museum Parcel 9 Concept - March 2012

Boston Museum, a non-profit, has submitted a plan for a new cultural and civic institution, featuring Boston history housing galleries, traveling exhibits and community/function space. In its press release, the Museum said, “The building will step down in height from the North Street end to a one-story market pavilion near Hanover Street—permitting unobstructed views of the Blackstone Block’s historic buildings from the North End.” More details at

Blackstone Market - DeNormandie Companies Mixed-Use Concept - March 2012

DeNormandie Companies has proposed Blackstone Market, a mixed-use project with 50 apartments, a food market, restaurants and a garden on top. Cresset Development is a partner in this proposal. More details here (link may be broken).

Jones Lang LaSalle and Normandy Real Estate are Proposing a 180 Room Hotel

Eamon O’Marah, Jones Lang LaSalle, has partnered with Normandy Real Estate on a hotel plan including a garden space. O’Marah was nearly awarded the designation in the last round with his $35 million apartment-based proposal as part of Eastat Realty.

Upton Partners Market Square Parcel 9 Concept - March 2012

The new bid by Upton + Partners is for 119 apartments and retail space through “Market Square.”

Interestingly, three of the four proposals include a significant residential/hotel use, a concept that ran into opposition last time. The Haymarket Pushcart Association has expressed concerns that residential use is incompatible with its surrounding operations. However, the building configurations are significantly different in this second round, which may mitigate this potential conflict.

The bidders appear to have responded to the RFP advisory committee’s recommendation that the North End side of Parcel 9 be stepped down to just one (or two) stories high.

The RFP included a suggested plan with a lower level area for the ground level food market, increasing in height toward the Faneuil Hall side of the development. More details to come in upcoming meetings.

From the MassDOT website, the four Parcel 9 proposals are linked below: