4 Replies to “Townie Car Spotted on Charter Street Sidewalk

  1. Although somewhat amusing ….Given the location I imagine it is a parent picking up his/her kid(s) from the Eliot. No different then every other self entitled person who parks on the sidewalk or blocks a fire lane or narrow street anywhere in the North End.

  2. Joyce, I question your use of “self entitlement” when seemingly referring to all Eliot parents forced to park on the sidewalk when picking up their child(ren.) Can you suggest an improved method given the timing and volume of students?

    1. Mary ….I was referring to the self entitled people who park in fire lanes and narrow streets and sidewalks throughout the North End….like Sheafe St and Margaret St and Hanover Ave and North Bennet St and Salem St etc to name just a few. I merely pointed out the car with Townie license plates in the picture was probably picking up a kid from the school. Wow…must of a struck a nerve with you huh?

  3. Nope! No nerves here! I just read that the parent was no different than the other self entitled ppl parking per your list, while I see a huge difference. (Which is why I questioned it.) Just a dialogue 🙂 I dont want to hijack Matt’s post, so peace out!

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