Yacht Haven at Commercial Wharf and New England Aquarium on ConComm Agenda for March 7, 2012

The following notice is the March 7, 2012 agenda for the Boston Conservation Commission hearing held at City Hall, Room 801. Emphasis is added to North End / Waterfront related issues.


In accordance with the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, M.G.L. Chapter 131, Section 40, the Boston Conservation Commission will hold a public hearing in Boston City Hall, Room 801 on March 7, 2012 to review the following projects to determine what conditions, if any, the Commission will impose in order to protect the interests of the public and private water supply, ground water, prevention of pollution, flood control, prevention of storm damage, protection of fisheries and land containing shellfish, and protection of wildlife habitat:[box]

6:00 PM Request for Determination of Applicability from the New England Aquarium for the installation of a new diesel powered generator on an existing concrete slab, at Central Wharf, 250 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Boston Inner Harbor (Land Subject to Coastal Storm Flowage).


6:15 PM Notice of Intent from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation to conduct geotechnical borings for the design of a pedestrian pathway and pile supported boardwalk, 238 Victory Road, Dorchester, Dorchester Bay (Salt Marsh, Land Subject to Coastal Storm Flowage, Land Subject to Tidal Action, 100-foot Buffer Zone). Continued from the February 15, 2012 Public Hearing

6:30 PM Notice of Intent from Thompson Island Education Center, Inc. for the replacement of a 40-foot by 60-foot floating dock and associated steel pilings, at Thompson Island, Dorchester Bay (Land Under Ocean).

6:45 PM Notice of Intent from the Massachusetts Port Authority for the replacement of the Runway 33L approach light pier, involving the removal of 1,900 feet of an existing timber pier and in-kind construction of concrete pile supported light pier, Logan International Airport, East Boston, Boston Harbor (Land Under Ocean).

[box]7:00 PM Request to amend Order of Conditions DEP File No. 006-1244 from Boston Boat Basin LLC, to replace existing floats and remove and install existing and new piles at 87 Commercial Wharf, North End, Boston Inner Harbor (Land Under Ocean, Fish Run). Continued from the February 1, 2012 Public Hearing[/box]

7:15 PM Updates and General Business:

Request for Certificate of Compliance for Order of Conditions DEP File No. 006-1191 from the National Records and Archives Administration for the John F. Kennedy Museum and Library Shoreline Stabilization and Harborwalk Extension Project at Columbia Point, Dorchester, Dorchester Bay.

Sign Language interpreters are available upon prior request.  The Commission will hold a public meeting immediately following the last hearing or as appropriate following any hearing.  Plans and filings with the Commission may be viewed at the Environment Department, Boston City Hall, Room 805, during regular business hours, 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.  For more information, call (617) 635-4417.

For the Commission,

Chris H. Busch, Executive Director