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Add Your Signature to HazMat Route Letter From North End / Waterfront Hazmat Task Force

We have received indications that MassDOT, the State’s transportation agency, is a week or so away from a decision on our permanent Boston area hazmat truck route.  The North End Hazmat Task Force encourages you to remind MassDOT how you feel about this decision.

You may sign the letter below with an email of your permission to the Task Force at anytime before 10:00 am on Monday, Feb. 27. Or send your own personal letter to:

Richard A. Davey
Secretary and CEO
MA Department of Transportation
Ten Park Plaza, Suite 3170
Boston, MA 02116

For your signature:

Dear Secretary Davey:

The North End/Waterfront Hazmat Task Force remains concerned through this long dangerous period as we all await a decision on the safest route for transportation of hazardous materials. We have been deeply and quietly troubled by the status quo of these trucks in downtown Boston.

In only weeks, we will begin to see the numbers of people swell dramatically in Boston as tourism increases. This reality is particularly true for the 100th anniversary celebration of Fenway Park beginning in April, and the national anniversary celebration of the War of 1812 and return of the Tall Ships in June. If this route is still not changed, citizens and tourists who actually walk across this existing truck route will increase in dramatic numbers. Existing published figures are over a million in a year. This year will likely bring many more.

We encourage you, once again, to see the value of the safer route overwhelmingly recommended by the Battelle consultants. We ask that you make that route a reality for the safety and security of by far the largest number of affected citizens.


The North End/Waterfront Hazmat Task Force

(and additional individual signers)