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A Good Working Relationship – The Feeling Is Mutual

I always look forward to picking up my copy of the North End Regional Review every Tuesday and was honored to see this heartfelt commentary from longtime neighborhood reporter, Phil Orlandella.

I agree with Phil that the Regional and complement each other in bringing timely information to the community. Recently, I was interviewed by the Regional where I said how important it is to have a regularly printed newspaper in the neighborhood. I am grateful of the Regional’s support of, including the sharing of their photos and news. I am also happy to contribute gratis articles to the paper as well.

In response to the nice commentary, I will simply say that the feeling is mutual. Thanks Phil.

One Reply to “A Good Working Relationship – The Feeling Is Mutual

  1. Thanks to both of you! You are both extremely hard working, and always at every event. (how do you manage that?!?!) My kids love seeing photos of themselves and their friends in print. My son, just last week, brought the Regional Review into his kindergarten class at the Eliot for show & tell. I would never know as much about the neighborhood I live in if it weren’t for the dedication of both of you. Thank you!!

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