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Parcel 9 RFP Issued by MassDOT for Haymarket Development Along Blackstone St. and Greenway

Hot on the heels of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Public Food Market at Parcel 7 comes the RFP for the adjacent Parcel 9 development along Blackstone Street, Haymarket and the Greenway.

In addition to underlying zoning, Parcel 9’s RFP includes guidelines developed through a public process which involved the Boston Redevelopment Authority and an advisory committee of community stakeholders formed by MassDOT.

The development guidelines agreed upon by the committee included the following height considerations, allowing for some height above the typical 55 feet. Specifically, the RFP says:

The current underlying zoning for Parcel 9 allows for buildings up to 55’, however, it was determined that the community may support a variance exceeding the 55’ height limit for a portion of the Parcel, nearest North Street, if it is accompanied by reduced massing on the portions of the ground floor devoted to general market or, if applicable, HPA operations at the Hanover Street end. The height, massing, building setback, and material treatment at the Hanover Street end of Parcel 9 will also help to enhance views of the Haymarket itself and buildings within the Blackstone Block from the Greenway and the gateway to the North End along Cross Street.

The Parcel 9 RFP is available on the MassDOT website:

One of the concepts that gained consensus from the development guideline committee is shown below. The Haymarket stalls (inside and outside) are also shown on the diagram. Proposals in response to the RFP are due on March 9, 2012.

Parcel 9 RFP Cover