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Mayor Menino Wagers Desecration of Paul Revere Statue on Patriots Game

With the risk of endless photos and an entire day wearing a Tim Tebow jersey, how will Paul Revere ever live it down?

Boston City Hall put out a release detailing the terms of a “friendly wager” between Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock on this Saturday’s playoff football game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos.

If the Bronco’s win, the famous Cyrus E. Dallin statue of an equestrian Paul Revere in the North End’s Prado will have to wear Tim Tebow’s #15 blue and orange jersey for an entire day. If the Patriot’s win, the Denver Mayor will wear Tom Brady’s #12 jersey to a public function.
The Mayors are also wagering dinners … New England lobster versus Colorado steak.

The City Hall gambling element is one thing (FYI – sport betting won’t be allowed at Massachusetts casinos). But perhaps more importantly, is this a fair wager? Is Paul Revere’s legacy really equal to that of a Denver mayor who allegedly visits brothels?

“The Patriots have all the tools an NFL team needs to go all the way,” Mayor Menino said in the press release. “I am confident in our team, and if the Patriots prevail, I will send Mayor Hancock a brand new Tom Brady jersey for his next public event, while I enjoy a fine steak dinner, his treat.”

For the sake of Paul’s legacy, let’s hope Menino’s confidence is justified. Go Pats!

13 Replies to “Mayor Menino Wagers Desecration of Paul Revere Statue on Patriots Game

  1. A neighbor just commented to me, why didn't the Mayor wager wearing the Tebow jersey himself? Good question. Call the Mayor's Hotline… 617 635 4500.

    1. I just called and the woman who answered the phone sounded surprised/annoyed by my telling her to tell the Mayah to wear the Tebow jersey himself and not desecrate the statue of Paul Revere in MY neighborhood. Isn't there some statue in Hyde Park who look much better. She said she would send it in but …how about a campaign to use Citizens Connect to send in pictures of the statue and a No Tewbow message.

    2. Isn't there a sculpture of a turkey someplace around town? We have one for every other living person & creature. Definitely NOT Paul Revere or Chris Columbus! Grrrrrrrrrr …………

    3. Typically, when you wish to exude confidence in a wager, you offer more from your side. To show his confidence, Tom put more on the table. He knew we were going to win.

  2. This is an outrage. Why inflict this indignity on the North End and one of our greatest historical figure? Why doesn't the Mayuh wear the Tebow jersey himself? Paul Revere's memorial is not Menino's toy.

  3. The anti-vandalism mayor is planning to vandalize one of the city's greatest monuments. What's up with that? I agree with Joyce; Mr. Mayuh should wear the jersey himself. If the Pats lose, I'll be calling my friends in the North End to gather at the statue and protect it from city-sponsored vandalism.

    1. Terrible wager. The North End is definitely NOT happy with this. Of course, that Pats will be the victors anyway.

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