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Video: Occupy Boston – The Day After


Update: At 5am on Saturday, December 10, 2011, Boston Police raided the last remains of the Occupy Boston camp at Dewey Square, arresting 46 protestors with relatively little confrontation.
View Globe video.

This video was taken during the morning (7am) and afternoon (4pm) on December 9, 2011, a day after the midnight deadline set by the City of Boston for the evacuation of Dewey Square by Occupy Boston. As you’ll see, there are still some tents there although only a fraction of the encampment remains. For comparison, see this video taken on October 16, 2011: Video Walk Through Occupy Boston.

A general cleaning of the area is taking place. Boston’s Public Works has been streaming garbage trucks in and out of the area all day.

According to, the protest continues with activities scheduled during the daytime hours.

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