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Police Talk About Loud Parties and Arrest of Car Break-In Thief at North End Public Safety Meeting

It was a relatively quiet, but well-attended, North End Public Safety meeting this month held on December 1st at the Nazzaro Center. 

BPD Captain Bernard O’Rourke & Officer Teddy BoyleOverall crime was down significantly in the past 30 days, due mostly to fewer motor vehicle larcenies (break-ins). Parking citations and moving violations were up as police continue to work on enforcing traffic rules on Hanover and surrounding streets. (Full statistics are shown at the end of this post.)

There was one aggravated assault that police identified as a domestic incident.

Two residential burglaries were reported, one at 90 Prince St. (Nov 4th) and the other at 146 Commercial St. (Nov 18th).

A thief breaking into cars on Endicott and N. Margin St. was arrested after a resident called police who found the suspect inside one of the cars. The man was likely homeless and identified himself as from Occupy Boston. After resisting arrest, the police found tools designed to break into cars and several objects stolen including GPS, electronics and change. The property found was later tied to three vehicle larcenies.

Three vehicles were stolen in the last month in the area. On Richmond St., a valet apparently did not return with a car. The second incident was a vehicle taken from 40 Cross Street in the middle of the afternoon. The third report was regarding a 1998 Harley Davidson stolen from 4 Moon St. despite being locked and chained.

Loud Party Update – In the last month, there were 5 loud parties representing a decrease from recent months. BPD added several new cars to the streets to patrol 17 locations with past history. The problem properties include 38 Fleet St., 183 Endicott St., 136 Prince St., 153 Salem St., 28 Fleet St., 181 Endicott St. and 1 Noyes Place. Residents credited the added patrols with keeping the noise down and fewer incidents.

A resident showed police a realtor advertisement highlighting a common roof deck as a key feature for a North End property. The property in question was the cause of several incidents during the St. Anthony’s Feast. Residents continue to push against common roof decks which are often used for loud parties.

A serious car accident on Prince & Salem Street is under investigation. A driver drove onto the sidewalk, breaking street poles and damaging property at Prince Postale and the next door restaurant.

Occupy Boston – Captain O’Rourke commented that a court decision is expected before December 15, after which the City will make a public safety determination. BPD has been pulling officers from neighborhood patrols to staff supervision of Occupy Boston.

On the community service front, District A-1 is doing a series of bowling tournaments with teens from the North End, Charlestown and Chinatown.

Resident Anne Pistorio noted to police that the Parks Department has found a lot of needles around the flights area of the DeFilippo Park, the Gassy. There also has been a rash of graffiti on buildings abutting the park.

6 Replies to “Police Talk About Loud Parties and Arrest of Car Break-In Thief at North End Public Safety Meeting

  1. The police response to loud parties is A JOKE! I know that at least a half doz calls were made on a Sat night two weeks ago to the police AND loud party line about a property that has at least one loud party and often two EVERY WEEKEND. Not once have the police responded. The property owner could care less as long as he gets his rent. The Police appear to care more about keeping sinks out of the Occupy Boston encampment and the drunks and businesses in Area A then they do about people who would like to get some sleep.

  2. No address of the property you are complaining about and you are afraid to use your name. Are we really supposed to take your comment seriously?

  3. @Pat O…yes you certainly should take my complaint seriiously…real name or not. You don't use your real name either so who are you to talk? Most of the people who comment on this site do not use their real name. I have no obligation to use my name or list the address that is a problem. Are you from the police dept? Do you work for Sal Lamatina or the Mayor's office? Have you taken over the blog from Matt Conti?

  4. Try reading my post again …this time with your glasses on Pat. My complaint is about THE LACK OF RESPONSE FROM THE POLICE who are the ones who are suppossed to show up when there are compliants about loud parties. So I have idedentified the problem, .The owners of abutting buildings have reported the address to the police and the city council and there is no reason for the address to be published in this forum. You sound like you are worried it might be your property. Chillax man…unless you passed papers in the last 5 min it isn't your building.

  5. @sholdilaughorshouldiscream … I think you need to have a private conversation with Captain Orourke or Teddy Boyle. I think they really want to help folks in your situation. Something is obviously getting lost in the shuffle if you are not getting any response from the police.

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